President Donald Trump May Be Following Bill Clinton's Numbers | Morning Joe | MSNBC

The president’s job approval has gained three points since January and now stands at 46 percent, according to the latest NBC News/WSJ polling. The panel digs into the numbers and into Trump’s weekend speech at CPAC.
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President Donald Trump May Be Following Bill Clinton’s Numbers | Morning Joe | MSNBC


41 Replies to “President Donald Trump May Be Following Bill Clinton's Numbers | Morning Joe | MSNBC”

  1. The Masses are like women and like women i will make the mine…adolf hitler…this guy is little hitler this is not about economy this is about he yells out the peoples hate and anger..THATS what matters to them.

  2. TEFLON DON ??? uh no.. That's a myth, an entertaining one to follow if your not actually directly involved in it. But anyone with half a brain knows that while all of them will stop and oogle the train wreck, and even feel remorse.. that will quickly turn to disgust when they find out the engineer was on drugs and feel asleep at the wheel. AND.. John Gotti died while stuck in prison.

  3. 88% of Republicans approve of Trump… Don’t let shows like this pretend he’s not conservative or he doesn’t represent conservatism because Trump is their dream come true and they LOVE him

  4. Because we hated the Republican hypocrisy, we hated having our afternoon TV being interrupted, we hated you were airing private business between husbands and wives like some gossiping neighbors. Understand now. If Hillary had run in 2000 she would have been president instead of 8years of Bush

  5. 40% approve huh… Russia must still be influencing us. I have never been offered the opportunity to participate in one of these "approval polls" nor do I know anyone else who has.

  6. You know the POTUS polls that pop up on YouTube asking about approval of his job? Every time I try to answer "no", it refuses to accept it. "Yes" has no problem. WTF ???

  7. The only thing comparable between Donald Trump and Andrew Jackson is racism. Jackson, a Democrat, was our most racist President and now Trump, a neo-fascist, is.

  8. I'm a liberal and I let everyone know at the time that Bill Clinton ought to have been ousted from office; he's an attorney, he lied on the stand (I don't care if you think the investigation and trial were unfair), and he was the president. No president who will commit perjury should be in office. That's no example for America. People can be ridiculous in their willingness to put party ahead of country. AND NOW WE HAVE THIS.

  9. "Do worry Trump US prison not like Russian goulag much warmer, you lucky still you have 35 per cent base and they like you very much !! I send help . So bend over to American Democrats I will behind you and I will make a love To you Russian style "!!! Best Regards V. Putin President of Russia nation

  10. Trump is a poor man's idea of a rich man,

    An uneducated man's idea of a smart man,

    A coward's idea of a brave man…

    and a gullible fool's idea of a great President.

  11. Joe, quit trying to "figure out" Trump supporters. Like they say, you can't reason someone out of something they were never reasoned into. His supports exhibit classic cult like behavior & have lost their ability to reason on their own.

  12. America has a sickness of the soul. What's wrong is right. Lies are truth. Brown and black people are to be hated, and no one believes in God. All we need is a wall and all is right in America. It was foretold we'd come to this in 2 Timothy 3. Keep probing and investigating all you like. We've turned from God, and this is just reward. If people worship the devil and money, why not Trump?


  14. Scrambling for a lifetime of Doc's only to "PAY" for a HOLOCAUST STAR to be placed next to my DL number. A complete insult to the Jewish community and a repeat of mass trajedy by direction of a Narcissistic Dictator. Why is no one talking about this? Why is no one looking into Melania? The most quiet is the most dangerous. Wake up People

  15. GOD guys please forget the Republicans and wishing they'd come to the light side.  Get moving on our end game, message, tactic, preparedness, execution.  Forget them.  MOVE ON!!!!!

  16. These miserable Fake News people absolutely crack me up! Clinton won a 2nd term, but they still want to spin it about Trunk possibly being impeached. Liars like these is why his numbers are doing good!

  17. The political "thermometer" in this country needs to be recalibrated.

    Trump is appealing to middle America because Hillary Clinton didn't and the Democratic party of FDR has been long dead.

    Democrats have been Republican-Lite since Bill Clinton and that's why people like Bill Kristol and Ralph Peters are now on MSNBC.

    It's why AOC garners so much attention and why she is so popular.

    It's why a 77 year old Democratic Socialist is breaking donation records without corporate help or super-pacs.

    The stock market was hitting record highs under Obama and yet Democrats still lost. Why? Because the weathiest one percent in this country own roughly half of all stocks so most average Americans don't feel the benefits.

    Donald Trump is exacerbating income inequality and the wealth gap but when your're desperate and crumbs fall at your feet you won't care whose mouth they fell out of.

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