PM Theresa May says the 'biggest threat' is the Labour Party

The Prime Minister has been told to her face that for Brexiteers including Boris Johnson to support her deal she will need to promise Tory MPs she will quit before the second stage of EU talks begin later this year. Mrs May will address Tories at a meeting of the backbench 1922 Committee tonight and is expected to be asked to announce her departure date by disgruntled MPs. Today senior Brexiteer Andrea Leadsom did little to quell the rumours of Mrs May’s demise and said: I am fully supporting the Prime Minister to get us out of the EU. What happens after that is a matter for the prime minister’. Jacob Rees-Mogg today urged other hardline Eurosceptics to back Mrs May or face losing Brexit with 20 or more hardcore Brexiteers including Boris Johnson ready to swing behind her if she agrees to quit tonight. Mr Rees-Mogg admits that his change of heart will prompt accusations of treachery from some of his followers but told them: ‘Half a loaf is better than no bread’. Tonight MPs will try to grab the levers of power and push Britain towards a softer Brexit by voting on alternatives to Theresa May’s deal and today the rebellion’s architect Sir Oliver Letwin said the Commons will change the law to force the PM to implement their views. Former Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell said today: ‘Oliver Letwin has played a blinder. My friends and colleagues in the ERG can see the instruments of torture laid out in front of them. Oliver has shown them what will happen if they don’t come on side. Finally Mrs May has most of us on side on her deal, and with a following wind she will get her deal this week or early next week’.

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3 Replies to “PM Theresa May says the 'biggest threat' is the Labour Party”

  1. Why would anyone their right mind think the Labour party are going to win anything, never mind the next election, especially when the awful Mr Corbyn shares platforms and has meetings with PIRA, INLA, etc… the mayor of London shares platforms with ISIS terrorists, they are remainders. They wont honour the 17.4 million voters vote. They should nip to the RQs store and sign out a few dozen spines, as none of them the tories Lib tards etc have a bloody spine. USELESS BETRAYERS

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