Ralphie May – Smoking With Jesus

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Jeremy Paxman interviews Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May

Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn face questions from Jeremy Paxman on the big issues of the 2017 General Election, hosted by Sky News and Channel 4.

Theresa May interviews commences at 16:39.

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The Brian May Band – Since You’ve Been Gone (Live At The Brixton Academy)

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This is the very first music video to appear on the new official Brian May Youtube Channel. It’s a live track from a concert by the Brian May Band, recorded at the Brixton Academy, London, on 15th June 1993.

At the moment when we’re putting this up on this new channel, this video brings back powerful memories. Touring as a front man, following Freddie’s passing, I was in complete denial of Queen, and regarded my new band as my future. I was blessed with the massive support of the late great Cozy Powell on drums. Here we see Cozy in fabulous form. Of course, when Ritchie Blackmore’s band, Rainbow, recorded the monumental version of this song that charted in 1979, Cozy had been the drummer, and for me, covering this track live was a kind of homage to Cozy. The vocal is almost impossibly rangey, and I made it a personal crusade to work on my voice, extending my range so I could sing it. The band was a dream outfit for me … with already legendary heavy rock stalwart Neil Murray on bass, who had worked with Cozy (and my friend Tony Iommi) in one of the incarnations of Black Sabbath, long-time Queen collaborator Spike Edney on keys, newly recruited Jamie Moses on guitar, who remains a great friend to this day, and two stunning backing vocalists, Catherine Porter and Shelley Preston. It actually gives me a chill up the spine to see this outfit in full flight, as clear and bright as if ‘twere yesterday. Bri

The Brian May Band – Since You’ve Been Gone – Live At The Brixton Academy

Music credits:
Produced by Brian May and Justin Shirley Smith at Metropolis Studios
Recorded by Justin Shirley Smith on the Manor Mobile

Video credits:
Produced by Jim Beach
Directed by Gavin Taylor

The Brian May Band are:
Cozy Powell (drums), Spike Edney (keyboards, b/vocals), Jamie Moses (guitar, b/vocals), Neil Murray (bass), Catherine Porter and Shelley Preston (b/vocals)

Live at the Brixton Academy was first released on CD / Vinyl / Compact Cassette & VHS video cassette in February 1994.

The Brixton concert audio has now been re-mastered by Tim Young, under the supervision of Justin Shirley-Smith and Kris Fredriksson.

Since You’ve Been Gone was written by Russ Ballard in 1976, for his solo album ‘Winning’. Re-recorded by Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow, it reached no 6 in the British charts in September 1979.

TECHNICAL INFO (thanks to Kris Fredriksson)

All of the music video clips that we are about to embark on putting up on this channel have come from PAL Standard Definition video sources, and have been transferred, cleaned up, and converted to HD – or ‘720p’.

720p is a high definition video standard (TVs that could play this were sold as ‘HD ready’ some years ago; it’s one step down from 1080p/1080i – known as ‘Full HD’). The number 720 signifies the 720 horizontal scan lines of image display resolution (also known as 720 pixels of vertical resolution), while the letter p stands for progressive scan (ie non-interlaced). Those of us who grew up in the 1960s and 70s watched TV with a resolution of 405 lines vertically; this standard was gradually phased out in the 80’s, and 625 became the only standard available in 1985.

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Game of Thrones – Long May She Reign

‘Hear Me Roar’ and ‘Light of the Seven’ from Season Six matched each other too well in both themes and sound to miss the uninspired chance to cut the latter in half and add the former in front of it.

Game of Thrones belongs to HBO.
Original songs composed by Ramin Djawadi.