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Outro created by myself 🙂
outro song is by “thefatrat” and it is called “Monody” and you can listen to it here:…
Hope you enjoy guys!! And as always stay Geeky, Stay cool, bee Awesome and bee Happy!

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-Ethan Quinton
-Karl Lhuissier
-Fin Lorenzen
-Zach Florez
-Jaret Mundis
-Brent Wyant
-Hunter Thoma
-Nicholas Martin Burk
-Marcus Ruijters


29 Replies to “OMFG IT'S……. Devil May Cry 5 FINAL TRAILER REACTION!!”

  1. I'm like 80% sure Urizen is Virgil with some kind of super power buff. The way he talks and how he specifically says "you'll regret ever being born human" human being the key word since Virgil has always looked down on humanity.

    10% makes me think Vergil is V because V has a lot of hints toward virgil; his summons are demons from DMC1, he has the sort of summoned sword ability and also it would make sense that Virgil is still weak even after reobtaining Yamato and can't fight without summoning demons.

    The last 10% of me thinks that Virgil might just pop up out of nowhere near the end of the game when everything seems bleak.

  2. Vergil came out of the bigass light beam my friend. I believe he is the large demon that they are all fighting. What I want to know is, is Vergil returning to kick it's ass for using his power against his will or is that a big reveal of his "final form" either way the fact that the gang is all here is mind blowing. Your reaction was great though on that last shot. That was me as soon as I saw that coat and sword… since that sword is sitting right next to me XD

  3. My motivation now is over 9000 for this masterpiece <3 !!!!But also seriously,it was worth the wait of 11 years tbh.I will be waiting for your gameplay for this game just like many others.Besides will you react to Devil May Cry anime?it has 12 episodes in total

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