NYT: Trump may have tried to interfere with Cohen investigation

According to a New York Times report, President Trump may have tried to interfere with the investigation of his former personal attorney Michael Cohen by asking acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker to put a Trump ally in charge of the investigation, despite recusal.


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  1. Trump 'may" have tried to interfere with the investigation! Despite no facts given and an agenda being pushed, I am all ears CNN! You are so brave in this political environment! ORANGE MAN BAD


    These ignorant inbred racist white trash Deplorable are the root cause of this disaster.
    They voted for and keep supporting the criminal orange traitor and his family/gang.

    It's time America stopped tolerating their extreme ignorance/racism. They are the greatest danger to America and humanity. SOON!!!

  3. Duh! Is anyone surprised? Every move this shit bucket of a person makes is illegal. Everything he says is a lie. Obstruction of justice, money laundering, bribery, tax evasion, fraud of every type and graft and grift are his modus operandi, learned at the knee of his mobster dad and grandad. His whole family is one huge ongoing criminal enterprise. Knowing all this, the psycho prez will probably be re-elected! America as a 30's Germany redux? SHAME on all who elected another historical madman. Are you not proud, America (sic)?

  4. All these Trump sycophants and soon to be convicted traitors so desperate to get in Trump's good graces with the intent to cash in on the rewards are so blinded by that carrot on a stick that they are completely oblivious to the fact that everything they say and do for Trump inextricably implicates them further in the criminal dragnet that's going to take this administration down and everyone in and around Trump's orbit.

  5. Dictator Vladimir Putin is Hitler! Putin killed a lot of people! Criminal Putin keeping he's money bank of USA like Lola Karimova Dougher of Dictator of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov , Lola Karimova live in House In Beverly Hills Los Angeles for $60000000! But everybody mute! ?

  6. This clown being elected is actually has silver linings. It shows that republicans in office have NO INTEREST in this country and will support a traitor/king/emperor/dictator as long as you agree with their ideology and after this clown is thrown out of office they will have to contend with that.

  7. Democrats need to do their job. What are they getting paid for? If they don't do anything they might as well abolish Congress. It's clear everyone Trump appoints is a STOOGE! Election fraud has derailed many valuable Senate democratic seat's that would other wise benefit Republicans 🤡

  8. Another day.
    Another manufactured lie.
    Keeping the sheep distracted.
    No one plays by the rules anymore.
    How will history portray us?
    A broken backbone.
    With nothing left to lose.
    Listening to fools.
    And all the words they use.
    A living legacy ruled by hate.
    The enemy is truth.
    Lying there in state.

  9. I have the feeling if James Gandolfini were still alive, the Orange-U-Tan's "media allies" would already be trying to lock down his signature for the lead in "The Man Who Would Be The Don(ald) or RICO Fever in the White House".

  10. might have, may have, probe, two years running $40+ million dollars down the tubes, zilch for evidence, dots that don't connect, indictments of non-existent people…put up or shut up msm/dems/deepstate asset stripping jackals….we have real problems to address

  11. This Mark punk said it maybe that… well it maybe that I have walked on the moon last week, I might have picked up some rocks, I did show my collection of rocks to my friends

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