No One Knows How Theresa May Has Survived Brexit This Long (HBO)

After more than two years of negotiating Brexit, the British Parliament still has absolutely no idea what it wants.

On Wednesday lawmakers in London backed an amended motion to take a “no deal” Brexit off the table. Prime Minister Theresa May had hoped to retain control of the Brexit process by keeping “no deal” as an option, but she suffered yet another humiliation as members of her own party — including some of her Cabinet — openly defied her and voted for the motion.

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47 Replies to “No One Knows How Theresa May Has Survived Brexit This Long (HBO)”

  1. I don't think she should be PM in the first place but she's stuck in an impossible situation. The current government is a total joke the house of commons is a petty house of snipes and jabs for uninformed rich people

  2. Being in Europe makes our economy stronger, meaning more money for public services including the NHS, and better schooling and healthcare for your family.

    Leaving the EU would damage our economy and would force government spending cuts of £40 billion, meaning less money for the NHS (Source: The Institute for Fiscal Studies) and longer waiting times for operations, GP appointments and A&E treatment.
    NHS England chief Simon Stevens says Brexit would be ‘very dangerous’ for the NHS.
    Leave leaders including Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and Nigel Farage have campaigned for privatisation of the NHS.


  3. May should never have been Prime Minister but her personal ambitions came ahead of the job at hand. The EU wants to punish the UK for leaving and threatening their existence, be tough on the UK and no one else will seek to leave. As a remainer May isn't ready or willing to go in and get tough, she's trying to please both sides and the leaders of the EU see her as weak, continuously sending her back with nothing. I am tired of the shenanigans and would prefer a no deal at this point to get leaders talking.

  4. She has survived by having the luck of the devil. In times gone past any one as incompetent and duplicitous as Mrs May would have been dragged screaming to the Tower of London for an appointment with the executioners block.

  5. There's on difference between the Bruce Willis move and using him as the Hero and using May, Bruce Willis would listen to what was said to him and UNDERSTAND. He was fighting and baddies in the Movie as they tried to TAKE OVER, unlike May who is FIGHTING HER OWN to ASSIST A TAKE OVER.

  6. Cos no-one else wants to deal with this bullshit. That's obvious to the whole world. Boris didn't want the job, or the one she gave him. Hasn't been a leadership challenge despite the government being consistently down voted. Can't imagine why.

  7. "The people didn't know what they were voting for". Apparently only if we vote the way the bankers and globalists do, we know what we are voting for. The City knows what's best (for them!).

  8. Look at the pathetic, nay, pitiful fools she is up against' Bluffer Boris who the best we can say is after years of abject failure must be due a minor success. Reese Mogg is like the punchline that ruins the joke. Leader? Typical 'the ref is blind' sideline expert, knows it all and yet never seen as good enough to play in the grown up game. It would be worth seeing him promoted , where he has to make the decisions he is so quick to be critical of others. A void filler at best, how many predictions over two years has he made of when May will go? She is, we have to grudgingly admit a politician Reese Mogg is a joke from a different era of comedy.

  9. The title is an obvious lie. May is still around because
    (1) There's no one else waiting in the wing with enough support to replace her
    (2) There's no one who wants to inherit the mess of brexit

  10. May is surviving cause she's got courage, character, and actual dignity. She is willing to be the PM that leads the Brexit and handle the immediate fallout. Unlike EVERYONE else voting no on every deal, they just want to reject anything and everything so they can sit back and say "no it wasn't me, I did nothing, you are to blame!".

    All the MPs will wait till no deal deadline past then blame May for not magically negotiating a better deal than they had when they were part of the EU. Or they wait till the magical second referendum that overrides the first one and say "we totally just FOLLOWED the will of the people".

    They do not GOVERN. They sit back and do nothing cause they are scared shitless. Only May is actually shouldering all the idiocy of the British people.

  11. She survived because she is just as perplexed as Parliament. All the problems come from a leadership and bureacracy (both British and European) that want exactly the opposite of what the British people voted for, and are unwilling to put their own prejudices aside to get the job done. And the chaos is amplified by the remainer media, that wants to cast Brexit as a failure before it has even happened–and is angling for another referendum. (That's the way "democracy" on the Continent works: you vote until the elites are satisfied with the result.) They are all playing different positions, but from the same playbook. They have no chance of winning the game, but refuse to let the clock run out. At least that's the way it appears from across the pond to someone who has followed Brexit more carefully than the average American.

  12. You know when people watch this and it is obvious you have drawn entirely from one perspective and they think well that's odd because theres clearly more than one way of seeing it yet time and time again the same perspective over and over again is being driven. You understand the only alternative when presented with this is look else where.

  13. I know exactly how May has stayed around for this long. The simple reason is because nobody else wants the job. The job of Prime Minister of Great Britain, is a poison challis right now!

  14. Agree or disagree with brexit you got to respect Theresa May for the work she has done without dropping out half way through. She's stuck to it and tried her best. Unfortunately getting a deal that's half would agree with I see impossible no matter who the pm is

  15. She is the definition of taking one for the team. Nobody wants the job, and she stepped in. Even though it's cursed and the position has no future, she is going down with the ship. Only after whatever happens will the Tories and Labour rear it to a course, but we'll all write in history what a wreck this was, and about the woman that without wanting to be a leader, and only doing out it of a strange sense of responsibility (she doesn't even wants it, but will of the people wow), crashed against the rocks with a worried and clumsy look instead of a stiff upper lip.

  16. Great Britain 2016: Yay nationalism! Sod off, EU!! Ruuuule Britannia!

    Great Britain 2017: No, no, we still want access to all the benefits of the EU market.. We just don't want to pay anything or accept the yoke of Brussels! Ugh, does anyone speak French or German? I don't think they're getting it.

    Great Britain 2018: They told us to stuff WHAT WHERE?! They can't do that!! We're British! Fine, we'll trade with the commonwealth! ..
    What do you mean we have nothing left to trade with?! We are the financial centre of the wor.. Moved to Frankfurt you say? Ah.. Bugger.

    Medium Britain 2019: Scotland? SCOTLAND! NO! WHERE ARE YOU GOING!?!

  17. Theresa is the only one doing something to fix this mess. She is not the bad guy in this story. All the other MPs who keep stalling and politicking are to blame. Just get it done now. It will never be perfect so sign off the closest thing to it. Or call it off. It’s obviously too difficult to get it right.

  18. Stupidity. That's how. They've been given the opportunity to no confidence her ass out and they refuse to. Get another person in, have them call another referendum for people to overwhelmingly reject it this go around, and the crisis can solve itself overnight. But they won't do it. At this point, Britain, you deserve this.

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