29 Replies to “Nigel Farage warns Theresa May over Brexit”

  1. Nigel : 10,000 a day are joining up under the names of Isaac Dix , Mike Hunt , Paul Smenis , Kerry Hunt etc etc . A better name for this new party of yours would be U.K.U.N.T

  2. STRANGE bed-fellows.Well I think George is a real Politician unlike.The other Chap AND AFTER Brexit you poor deluded folk with still have to suffer your lousy Political elite.

  3. It's a voter syphoning party,designed out of desperation by the elite to weaken UKIP voter count.
    I wouldn't go near it,it's a conservative "light" party

  4. Nigel is right  about what parliament is doing they are having a vote on  the 24th or 25th of Feb which will get passed which says WE CANNOT LEAVE THE EU WITHOUT A DEAL  basically  we don't leave the  EU,  Right how do I sign up for this new party

  5. The real problem is Nige,you fucked off the moment the referendum was won,instead of battling and fighting to get it finished, the MP's are 75% in favour of staying in the sclerotic,undemocratic,unaccountable,dictatorship known as the EU,they must have vested interests in this treacherous globalist organisation,and every one of them must be removed from office at the first opportunity,the globalist MSM needs to be brought to heel as well while we're about it,they're part of the socialist re arrangement of populations,pro immigrant,pro death cult,pro globalist censoring news and information to suit the script and narrative of the globalists.

  6. A better slogan would be "NO means NO"

    That phrase delves into the anti sexual assault slogans we've seen. it will register unconsiously with people.

  7. One of our treacherous MPs called the EU our friends lol,remember the EU said there is a special place in HELL waiting for us Brits lol.Yeah,the EU is alot of things but our friends they are NOT.

  8. Farage is a gutless little weed who has turned his coat. He's only interested in two things. Himself and Brexit. After that, he will desert as he did before. What is it Nigel that Robinson has done to deserve your obnoxious comment. UkIP is still the party to follow with a Manifesto that believes in Britain.

  9. The slogan -'Tell them again' is so ambiguous to the (wo)man in the street, no one will know what it means! Vast majority will go…Tell who? What? What's it mean? It will only mean something emphatic to the plonka who coined it. Come out of the bubble you lot dwell in, think of the common people and come up with something that will resonate with them. Slogans should tell, in one sentence, a whole story. For eg: 'Make Parliament work for you.' Says a lot and enables people to interact with the words…..Too true, about time parliament worked for us and not themselves/ EU/Rich folk/careerist MPs/blah blah But 'Tell them again' no.

  10. As much as I agree with the reasons, I think the people that want Brexit will be spread too thin as there is Farage's new party, UKIP and and Britain First so one of the big useless parties will end up winning.

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