Nigel Farage on Brexit may be stopped, need to run EU elections, new party (18Jan19)

Former UKIP party leader Nigel Farage talks about the current state of Brexit, and thinks it is likely it will be halted via Article50, the likelihood of having to run European Elections, and therefore the need to setup a new party to contest them. Oh, and UKIP is finished.

Recorded from BBC News Channel HD, 18 January 2019.


21 Replies to “Nigel Farage on Brexit may be stopped, need to run EU elections, new party (18Jan19)”

  1. Hope the eu fuck the brit up in a hard brexit way get scotland north irleland gibraltar and giv argentia the falklands, let the brit feel the conquer and divide theory, if you than comeback as belgian country

  2. As a non-brit and a neutral I don't know enough about Brexit 'remain' or 'leave' but if you hold a referendum and you don't like the outcome thats democracy. If you push for a 2nd referendum whose to say you won't have a third or fourth. The very foundation of british democracy is cracking if you don't hold true to your lawful voting results.

  3. no one should listen to this to this man!!!"", ""if you want be free of this catholic coven vote leave!!!!"", ""if you want this great country and people to be free!!!"", ""do not change your vote!!"", ""stay strong, ""be true to your vote!!!"", ""i voted against the european union from the start!!!"", ""my view of europe has never wavered and never will!!!"", ""if you value your freedoms you will never vote to stay in european union ,""which by the way is an economic disaster for the people of europe!!"", ""(except for the germans!!"", ""of course)!!!"".

  4. Farage and the Tories will not rest until UK is really fucked.this mother fucking moron makes me throw up every time he opens his mouth and tell lies upon lies upon lies. The referendum should not be accepted because it was based on lies and treachery.

  5. People we must rise.and take power back,MP,S should only serve 3 terms.we have 2 have a ten year plan where we want to go and how we get there,bring back hangin ,wonder how many politicians could we hang on collage green at the same time .lol

  6. He and his children have German citizenship and passports so he is safe. He is traitor and coward, after referendum he just hide and ran from responsibility, his actions are leading the UK to collapse!

  7. Career politicians asking whether people considered the deal aspect when voting……..people outside of your world consider the reality around them and nothing more.


  8. I was a reamainer,not now i want 2 leave .and then i want 2 clear this country out,do weed need 1 million taxi drivers ,do weed need 1million barbers ,do we need 1 million car cleaners,no no no,we need 2 fix this country ,and first thing we need 2 do is change parliamentary corruption.

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