NEW! Vergil Gameplay – Devil May Cry 5 | PC (Steam) | CAPCOM | MODS

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Vergil is playable but still buggy. He can be played in some missions but majority of the missions are not playable for him. Credits (c) to the founder and the people behind this wonderful mod.

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41 Replies to “NEW! Vergil Gameplay – Devil May Cry 5 | PC (Steam) | CAPCOM | MODS”

  1. To be 100% honest, I wouldn't have cared if they just took his entire kit from DMC4 SE and re-added it to DMC5 with the updated model. So long as I can play as Vergil, i'm happy.

  2. To get Technical this is like the pre boss mode for him and if capcom does release him along with the bloody palace then the coding would of been completely Obsolete knowing the other characters will be released in later dates they wouldn't just not release him due to moding cuz there's not a full complete move set nor are a hud so don't worry I believe capcom will still with their promises just take a look at resident evil 2 remake another bad ass promised game

  3. Поменьше бы лезли со своими модами! Что если Capcom пойдут на принцип, ужесточат всё к хуям, да ещё и ПК на хуй пошлют? Кому тогда благодарность объявлять посредством разбития ебала? Фанатики ебучие. Подождать не могут. Может девелоперы хотят сюжетку про Верга выкатить, кто знает. Всяко будет лучше, чем все эти кривые моды.

  4. Capcom really needs to give vergil his own legit DLC like they did in DmC (ninja theory).

    Dan southworth actually having some fucking lines and his story after dmc3 up to that point and let me do that fucking super dimension cut end he has in the boss fight. Thank you come again.

  5. If capcom just make only yamato for vergil as weapon,maybe they want it to be kinda of realistic with the the storyline….let say vergil has beowulf ,yamato,and force edge, so Dante should has all his weapon playable from dmc1(i.e alastor,ifrit,agni rudra,nevan,gilgamesh,pandora box,….)….. i know ppl will ask for beowulf and force edge like dmc4 because they want to do crazy combo……

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