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  1. ok im confuse about V combat. do u control the monsters or do the monster attack automatically until the enemy is near death? because if it's automatic then V will be boring to play since all he does is stand there and wait.

  2. it's kinda a shame that they never ever tell us that u can instant rev in dmc 4. hopefully they explain the rev system better in this game. i know how to instant rev (not pro but not bad) but there are ppl till this day that still don't know what instant rev is.

    he not revving kinda bothers me lol.

  3. Why was not Trish reworked that she no longer uses spardas sword but her lightning magic and maybe new weapons? or the old dante like the guitar? or play as Gloria who has no sword.
    why do not you have lady in it? she has no sword.
    what about lucia? she has no sword but two long daggers
    would rather have all these characters than the emo V …
    By the way, why do the characters all look like shit and could come from the reboot dmc?
    the fans have hated that just now you have the old dante and his crew also made such a garbage … thanks crapcom

  4. There's something not quite right with the demo. Character movement is somehow unsatisfying, I can't explain. Compared with DMC4, you'll know what Im talking about. I hope the final version improve this.

  5. Having played all dmc games i get the feel that this is a mediocre addition, this formula needs to evolve.
    Also looks easy as fuck (it has animation cancel on any attack it seems)

  6. Does anyone know if the game has consumable items, like those life gems in DMC4? Because in the demo there are none and life gems are hidden throughout the arena in the Goliath fight.

  7. 13:44 "I am very not much a Devil May Cry person…" then why are you covering it? You don't know what you're talking about. Stick to stuff you actually know and care about.

  8. do these guys know anything? one of the worst interview of someone who played the actual game and dont know half the shit in the game. just pathetic. "giant rock golum"????? these guys clearly have no idea what dmc is about. The platforming is not terrible, you just suck at game Imran.

  9. if capcom will do a special edition of this game, i hope they'll make it as a downloadable upgrade for who already buyed the game 🙂
    for the rest, the game seems majestic, i'm sold since the reveal

  10. Okay, so all character has been showed, the last thing I wanna know is how people 're gonna be creative with a kind of different combat style like V. Dante has style switching and jump cancel, Nero also has jump cancel and different functions from devil breakers.What about V do you guys think?

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