New Devil May Cry 5 Story DETAILS and New Cutscenes | Hideaki Itsuno DMC 5 News

New cutscenes have been reveal as well as some new nuggets of information!

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  1. Soooo, you think that just because V did not "shishkabob" Dante that he's secretly good? Oh, dear. From what we have seen of stage eleven's cut scenes, it strongly hints that Urizen defeated everyone. Trish is captured, Lady is possibly captured as well, Nero is dragged away by V, and Dante is left laying and seemingly in a coma. Whatever is happening in the world keeps happening and V returns to revive Dante. Why? Probably because V still needs Dante for whatever goal V is pursuing. Griffon's yacking to Dante before being grabbed by the beak and tossed away suggests to me that Nero is not able to handle whatever task he's up to. So, V needs more insurance.

    I'm still clinging to my theory that V is Mundus or an avatar of Mundus. And that V needs Nero and Dante to do a lot of V's dirty work for him. Once enough demons have been eliminated, V will strike. I'll bet my Bear's tickets on it.

  2. I want to point out something you might have missed that could have been incuded. There was SPOILER another screenshot from Nico's shop where you can see that you can upgrade the devil bringer Nero's original arm but othervise awesome video 😀

  3. Another cracking vid HalPint!! that Drake & Josh bit was brilliant man, loved it haha! I noticed your channel through JoJo WiFis whos is also great at editing, the editors of the media industry are the unsung heroes! keep up the work man we appreciate it 🙂

  4. What kinda gets me is…V says "I know how stubborn you can be.."
    What does he mean by that? He has only known Dante for, not even a day, but he instantly wants to reawaken him, and he seems to know exactly how Dante is, hmmmmmm….thoughts?

  5. Not long ago I realized that the number of devil breakers capacity if they his "DT gauge". It has been said that he starts being able to hold 3 and can increase his capacity. Also when you buy purple orbs for the other two it has to do something with nero as well.

  6. @Halfpint One thing I told JoJoifi about, was an idea to make this game even better: Heres my idea, we band the community together, go to twitter and tell Matt Walker and/or Itsuno. What we want from the game and this is what we should tell them:

    1. "The Devil Hunter Maidens" DLC Pack: This will give players access to Trish, Lady, & Lucia. As playable characters for Bloody Palace only.

    2. "The Vergil" DLC Pack: This will give the players, the ability too play, with all the different "Vergil's." Classic Vergil; Equipped with The Yamato, Beowulf, Force Edge, & classic Devil Trigger. With the possibility of the concentration Meter & Dark Slayer Style making a return with him. Nelo Angelo; A Vergil who functions just like classic Vergil. Until He transforms/Devil Triggers into Nelo Angelo as he did in DMC3. Changing his move set to mirror what it was in DMC1, with possibly new attacks. And finally If Vergil is Urizen, than a Vergil who functions just like classic Vergil whose devil triggers into Urizen. And it gives us a small Vergil Size Humanoid Version of Urizen with all his abilities and attacks. Only available for bloody palace. Unless they make a scenario where it shows us how Vergil became Urizen and we are somehow able to play it.

    3. "The Crossover" DLC Pack: This would give players the ability to play with some of the different characters. That Dante has crossover with in the past. Characters like Demi-Fiend as Dante fought & helped him in Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne. Viewtful Joe as Dante & Trish crossed over & helped him in; Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble. Bayonetta as a third, not because Dante crossed over. (I mean he never did). It would just be for showing MAD respect to Kamiya for creating DMC1. And seeing an interaction between the Witch and the Demon Hunter would be Amazing. But only playable on Bloody Palace, for obvious reasons.

    4. "The DmC" DLC Pack: It would give the players the ability to play with the Nephilims. Dante and Vergil from DmC: Devil may Cry, made by Ninja Theory. Those versions of Dante & Vergil should have the same moves, Devil Triggers, & voices as they had in DmC. (Especially Nephilim Vergil who had that cool looking New Devil Trigger he got from Vergil's Downfall). To pay respect to Ninja Theory for the game they created.

    We need to get the community rallied on these ideas. through the Videos of the content creators like you Jojo and Halfpint. Because change doesn't come with silence!!!

  7. #Finished! Great video as always. I would recommend doing your own load outs for a first playthrough as for future fans it would give them a taste of what DMCs combat is all about letting them experiment with the customization of combat as well as breakers and finding a load out that works for them or that they prefer or even enjoy. I do like that Capcom has put the option to take a recommended load out and would be psyched to see if the load outs change as you progress into that mission meaning in other words if they give a recommended breaker load out for boss fights as well. Also makes you wonder if there will be one for BP as well, anyways I won't be using the Nico recommended load outs first playthrough but I can't promise that my load out may not look similar to the recommended in some missions with a couple of changes I do look forward to being able to use or see every standard breaker used in a mission or a combo at once. It Looks like Dante isn't the only one able to take all weapons with him.

  8. This is my final theory before the release.


    So in the opening flashback, Kyrie says “hey you two, dinner’s ready!” Hmm… “hey you TWO?” Interesting wording Kyrie, almost like DEVIL MAY CRY 2- the black sheep of the series that no one really knows about. You know who else we don’t know a lot about? That’s right, Urizen! But wait a minute, we’ve already confirmed that V is Urizen because the letter V is basically just a pointy U, and U stands for Urizen, so how can Kyrie also be Urizen? Well, in semi-leaked footage, we saw one of V’s taunts. A dance he did, that looked just like Jester from DMC3! BAM! JESTER IS V IS KYRIE IS URIZEN!

  9. Dante yeeting my birdboy Griffon offends me on a personal level. Boy, him saying "No wonder I'm so stiff" is DEFINITELY going to be used for meme edits, calling it. Great stuff as always, Halfpint!

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