My First Boss! – Devil May Cry HD Collection Gameplay Walkthrough Part 2

Devil May Cry is an action-adventure hack and slash third-person shooter video game series developed by Capcom and created by Hideki Kamiya. The series centers on the main character Dante’s goal of avenging his mother’s murder by exterminating demons. The gameplay consists of heavy combat scenes in which the player must attempt to extend long chains of attacks while avoiding damage in order to exhibit stylized combat; this element along with time and the number of items collected and used are taken under consideration when grading the player’s performance.

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47 Replies to “My First Boss! – Devil May Cry HD Collection Gameplay Walkthrough Part 2”


    Prioritize orbs for abilities, blue orbs for health up and purple for Devil Trigger up. remember, after purchase, the item will increase in price. dont use items and use your Melee weapon to actually deal damage. Guns are used for staggering/knocking down enemies and keeping the combo counter from resetting so that when you taunt, the devil trigger recovers. the higher the combo grade, the more Devil Trigger you recover. by the way, guns are useless on bosses in dmc 1. if enemies have a dark shroud like the Panther demon or scissor/scythe demons, feel free to blow their protective shround and then use melee before they recover their shroud.

  2. Dont buy consumables with ur hard earned red orbs please just dont.. buy new moves and mix up ur attacks theres even a air launcher R1+back+triangle (hold triangle to jump up with ur enemy) when u mix it all up ur rank goes higher than dull

  3. You're doing good with the dodging. Taunting is invaluable. It fills your DT quite a bit in this game. I love all the little things in this game. When Phantom chases you down the hallways you can choose to run or right him. If you beat him he'll drop quite a few red orbs.

  4. As I remember, devil trigger also restores health bit by tiny bit. I can't remember how to get more, but if it's a buying thing you should definitely invest in getting more, you'll need it.

  5. Don't pass every enemy in a new area otherwise you will keep missing red orbs. Remember your sword/devil arms is your primary weapon, and use the action tab in the pause menu to learn moves with devil arms

  6. When I first played this game, it was to beat a game that my dad could never beat. I struggled like hell in the beginning. The giant spider owned me like crazy, the lion/wolf darkness owned me like crazy, Neo Angelo (the dark swordsman) owned me like crazy. But after that and upgrading to new attacks, knowing the controls, it became a cake walk until the end.

    Then I played DMC 2, 3, 4 and said FU DMC Reboot. I'm ready for DMC5!

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