5 Replies to “Mrs May should stay”

  1. Love you but I wont have a future if Tories keep tearing apart the country's safety net. Corbyn shows solidarity to people like me, May gives us the finger. Tory infighting means nothing to the majority of alienated and beaten down populace that wants a return to the postwar economy that serves them.

    And what is the Churchill spirit? Gassing Iraqi villagers, calling for Gandhi to be murdered?

  2. I dont know if think that her attitude towards making a deal should be an important factor in decieding whether she should remain in office. This should be a game of stoicism or "hard work". Should we not be evaluating her success in terms of the work she has done and what impact it has, not in terms of our sympathy for her?

    You also mentioned her Home Office record: Was she not the person to set in motion the so called "hostile environment policy", which does what it says on the tin not only for illegal immigrants but also refugees and immigrants?

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