‘May You Never’ ~ John Martyn (album version)

Original studio version of ‘May You Never’ from the album “Solid Air”

This was the first of John’s songs I ever heard, and the one that got me interested in his music.


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  1. makes me think and feel of my two brothers. the love i feel for them has never and never will be better described. he turns the inexplicable into beautiful vibes beyond music. Thankyou John Martyn.

  2. I've been listening to John Martyn for over 40 years and never tire of his lyrics, his guitar style, his voice or his passion. It is wonderful to know that people are still discovering his music, there is so much for them to enjoy. He may have gone but his music will live for as long as people have ears to hear it and minds to marvel at it.

  3. One evening I was recording a program on the radio and they played this song. That was my thing back then: record random programs on the radio on cassette tapes and then play them again and again. I had no idea who John Martyn was. I was a teenager in Italy, in love with guitar music and I learned how to play that song by ear. Two years later, I was in Perugia for the jazz festival, and this Irish girl was playing under a medieval arch off the main street. She played this song and I asked her who wrote it. It was only recently, with the Internet, that one day I searched for the song again, I found out who John Martyn was and how he died, and I saw a video of him playing this song. Weird huh? Thirty years later… I think Martyn was all guts.

  4. I was particularly refering to Sandi Thom, who had a very much 'in fashion' phase a few years ago, and covered 'May You Never' – but also various 'names' of the past 30 years who have covered him.

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