May wins vote to seek Brexit delay|#BREXIT

In a narrow Commons victory this evening the government fought off an attempt by MPs to take control of Brexit in Parliament. (Subscribe:

Instead, Theresa May has presented a stark choice to MPs: back her deal in another vote next week – or risk a long delay to Brexit – and even the possibility of having to hold European elections in May. MPs are now expected to have a third meaningful vote on Brexit next week. That’s just before Theresa May heads off to Brussels for what is currently set to be the last European summit with a British Prime Minister at the table.


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21 Replies to “May wins vote to seek Brexit delay|#BREXIT”

  1. Just because Parliament voted to delay Brexit doesn't mean Brussels will cede to it. There's nothing stopping them from saying "you're leaving on the 29th and without a deal". Cue instant recession and snap election. Bye bye Tory party.

  2. I for one am tired of this corruption and deceit from our government and elite. Tired of the BBC (and other government owned MSM) and their biased propaganda. Tired of forced multiculturalism and political correctness. Sick and tired of it all.

  3. they can have there extension but we will withdraw from the eu the democratic people of this country will make short of that and the truth all ways returns if only in there minds

  4. In no way is this comment meant to disrespect anyone but after the horrible attacks in New Zealand I saw a comment saying it’s usually to cover something bigger up, probably brexit isn’t that big but got any ideas?

  5. Very good questions from a journalist Channel 4, very straight forward. MP’s answers – pooooooor and not honest. Why cannot we teach or force politicians to speak the truth, to tell how it really is ! Unreal !

  6. mp want may to end up with no deal then blame her just jump at her job thats all they care about. May is doing the best she can do with what put on her lap when camron coward away from. 29th people soon we won't have a choice

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