May tries to seal Brexit deal in Brussels

Theresa May is still in talks with the European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker in Brussels, amid increasing pressure to agree a divorce deal.


The German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned she would not turn up to the EU summit on Sunday if the final negotiations weren’t agreed within the next 48 hours. Earlier, as more Tory MPs urged the Prime Minister to renegotiate the entire deal, she told the Commons that rejecting it would simply mean more uncertainty and division, or risk no Brexit at all. We speak to Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.


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43 Replies to “May tries to seal Brexit deal in Brussels”

  1. Ok let's step back and make it simple.
    1….. Britain Votes to Leave EU
    2……All EU/UK laws are listed and decided if we want to keep them or create new ones for ourselves
    3…… All immigration applications are based on a points system like Australia, so we allow skilled people in and benefit tourists out.
    4…… All people already in the UK and approved can stay
    5…… Britain negotiates with EU and rest of world, on how it can trade post Brexit on tje y understanding that UK is leaving no matter what.
    6……southern Ireland natuonals have no hard border with northern ireland….. but non nationals eg rest of world visitors would need passports…..
    7……N ireland would have no hard border with UK, naturally.

    This doesn't seem difficult….. jyst alot of admin work…. but instead the government has embroiled the act if leaving thr EU, with the post EU arrangements.


    Britain is allowing the EU to blackmail the UK……'s stupid…..
    We agreed to leave….. we use the time to sort out the laws etc.
    It is not in the EU's interest to make trading difficult and EU knows this, so stop allowing them threaten you.

    Grow some nuts and use c common sense or move aside and let someone else do iit!!!!……

  2. Crime minister may .walks all over the politicians .and will get them to sign the greed contracts .she and the politicians will never get the people to accept them again.liars the lot of them trust has gone for ever

  3. May is in Brussels is just a show case, posturing or BS to try and persuade Parliament to vote for this so called deal a treacherous deal. No deal or WTO deal is far better than this abomination of a EU deal.
    Poland is Pro E.U. as it is Pro EU funding, funding that comes from the net contributors, countries like Germany and the UK. This is a similar reason as to why there are so many Poles living in the UK.

  4. She is not authorised to make a deal. She cannot bind the next parliament. That is what it means to be a sovereign country. That is what people voted for. We want OUT.

  5. As an American I cannot understand why the people tolerate IMAM may… After she called massive in invasion by jihadis diversity she should have been run outta town

  6. Britain never had to leave the E.U. based on the referendum… the result could have been received as a piece of advice from the British ppl on trade, healthcare, politics, or any number of policy matters. And a virtual 50/50 split is hardly an endorsement on such a dramatic change in governance anyway.

  7. the EU is still trying to change the deal, surprise, surprise, making this ROTTEN deal into a TERRIBLE deal, no way , now as i have long suspected, the EU is now talking about Gibraltar
    now making this a problem, Gibraltar wants to stay with the UK, May needs to walk away, stuff the EU

  8. In the fact, there were never able to do Brexit like the Brexitiers wanted and told. The time have changed. The United Kingdom without EU is nothing, but EU have almost no problem, if it do not include the United Kingdom.

  9. The Banks are trying to steal our cash .Think about when at the start they both agreed financial services would remain untouched by Brexit , So why are they moving to the EU so we are told? (they owe us from the bail outs) add to that 40B fee for leaving the EU and Therresa May had better have a good deal .If she sells us out we wont recover she should get the death penalty for it if she has (legal or not)

  10. Theresa May is lying, she's working for those who want us to remain in the EU.

    How come every one else can see it but experienced politicians can't? We must leave on wto terms with no payment, and we must work towards that now and prepare for much of what follows – let's make trade deals as well, why delay?

    Get rid of May, how hard can it be? Don't Conservative MP's realise they're going to be out of power for a decade if they allow her to leave us in the EU with no say and still paying billions??

    Is enough pressure being put on them from constituents and party members? Do they know how angry people will be if they don't get what they voted for? She has already stated quite clearly she will not be changing her course, so she must be removed immediately.

  11. may must go get a real brexiteer in go wto reason being the eu do not want us to leave, this implementation period keeping us in a further 2-3 years she is a joke she sais we are leaving yes by name on the 29th of march next year but not that we are actually out on said date she is a utter liar, part of leaving the eu will mean no custom union.#thegreatbrexitbetrayel march on the 9th of December London parliament if you voted leave join us

  12. I sympathise with Poland and Hungary who are being bullied by Brussels just as Greece and Ireland were.
    The UK should remain in the EU and support them. Walking away won't solve the existing problems but instead creates more and leaves everyone worse off. The EU needs the dissenting voice of the UK because many other members are also unhappy with the EU institutions which badly need reforming.

    As for those people complaining about the UK government, Brexit will give them even more power than they already have.

  13. This is a bad deal that EU should not pass. It gives to much to the UK. Half of their export goes to EU not even 10% of EU export goes to UK. The car industry in the UK can be moved into EU without a problem. The same goes for the aviation industry in form of Airbuss. As for banking there will be enormus opportunities with the UK banks out of EU. This has gone to far, let the UK eat the meal that they want it will be a lean one, the generosity of the EU has been to great, a no deal will be a better deal for EU.

  14. If the British cannot leave the European Union, then I am sure they are going to make the European Unions life very difficult such the EU will be begging for the UK to leave.

  15. Interesting to see that British media seeks support in a country (Poland) that has turned their political attitude towards fascist goals and presents them as a vital part of Europe, since they are friendly to any agenda of the US as well as the UK and even are not ashame at all to say so in public.
    Is that the sort of balanced journalism British media stands for? I have not seen any voice of Europe presented in all this Brexit discussions so far. The only shown is British points of view and UK friendly voices. Poor job, Channel 4!

  16. It is great to hear from the Polish PM. I have only heard from non Polish and they gave a very different Story. I understand what the PM wants and I understand the reason for wanting it.

  17. Evil traitor May needs to be fired immediately. WTO only now. No deals. We voted to LEAVE all EU rule-making. Give the un-elected EU globalist elites NOTHING. Sovereignty is EVERYTHING. Whilst I'm here, STOP the UN Global Compact on Migration!!

  18. Sell out the people and Mad Mayhem may will see the biggest civil unrest on the streets the UK has ever seen…
    The word TREASON exits for a reason ,,


  20. Hilariously this is how to help UKIP attain 40% of the vote… Go on sign a treaty and UKIP will break it to free the people. People Vs. Elites. Populism.

  21. Ha ha ha May has the cheek to critisize Corbyn when she stated , Brexit means Brexit and no deal is better than a bad deal , strong and stable what a joke .

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