May suggests Brexit delay, Labour backs second referendum | DW News

Britain’s prime minister has told members of parliament that they will have a chance to delay Brexit if they defeat her deal again.
Theresa May’s change of heart came after several senior ministers threatened to resign unless she allowed MPs to extend the March deadline, to avoid the UK crashing out of the EU without a withdrawal agreement. The British parliament is due to hold its next vote on May’s deal on 12 March. The prime minister’s announcement follows word from the opposition Labour Party on Monday that it would support calls for a second referendum if it doesn’t get the deal it wants.

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32 Replies to “May suggests Brexit delay, Labour backs second referendum | DW News”

  1. You are a traitor!!  Where is your saying "No deal is better than a bad deal."  You will be doing a Cameron on us next saying you cannot run this country if we have to leave the EU.

  2. For a million years every herd of mammals was united by their caring for the future of their species. then we invenred ''Money'' and life was neglected and abused..

  3. If you join the ranks , you have to follow the rules.🇬🇧💂‍♀️ Now get in line behind your leader you English and quick march , round in never ending circles , 🙄🇬🇧🆘.

  4. two points from british leaving from EU.1,is british no wants from immigrants from EU.2 is british wants Empire 0.2 again. But both failed completely. May is a screwdriver.

  5. Disclaimer: I'm all for remaining .. Setting that aside though, can anyone think of a better option than a do-over? I mean do people really think that leaving without a plan is the right way to go? All that without asking the people, "Listen, it didn't go to plan, you sure you want to push forward anyway?". That wouldn't be ignoring the will of the people, that would be confirming the will of the people now that the situations changed.

  6. The deal must be put to a referendum. It is reckless to assume the brexit majority endorses the deal. Reality has kicked in. The Tories are more concerned about internal party stability than the national interest and democracy. That’s how we got into this mess. Our people will be embroiled in years of division , Scotland independence opinion especially, if democratic process does not ensure acceptance of legitimacy to the outcome.

  7. A second referendum doesn't mean betraying democracy, it means bring the choice to the hand of the british, the choice to change what some politicians put them into, a second referendum is democracy indeed!

  8. We are leaveing on the 29th she sead hundreds of times in parliament now she's changed her mind corrupt to the core .if we don't leave democracy is dead

  9. Macron already announced that May would look for a delay MONTHS AGO!!
    Britain has no right being a part of the West.
    Godless. Communist.
    There's nothing civilised about it.
    The UK is the polished turd of the EU.
    Time to flush!!

  10. Teresa May suggests extending article 50 ???? Even if gets approved in UK parliament there is another 27 other independent sovereign proud nations which will have to VOTE on the mater too .

  11. WE need to help Mrs. Theresa May to exit EU as quickly as possible, UK elites are all tuned up in London to pursue fortunes elsewhere. Go in peace UK…

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