May struggles with voice as she stresses 'Brexit may be lost'

The Prime Minister was supported in the Commons by her husband Philip, who was watching his wife from the public gallery, as her deal appeared on the verge of a fatal collapse despite her warning rebels that Britain may never leave the EU. Mrs May, who is losing her voice after her late night rescue mission to Strasbourg last night, said: ‘A lot of focus has been on the legal changes – but if this vote does not pass Brexit could be lost’.

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21 Replies to “May struggles with voice as she stresses 'Brexit may be lost'”

  1. She may be a genius master mind in that she can now keep the UK in the EU while making a spectacle of a show of attempting to give the people what they voted for but will never get. She can blame Labour or whoever for sowing the seeds of chaos and so maintaining a firm grip on power.

  2. I get that as a woman she's trying to prove a point by not giving up and kudos to her but jeez! It's painful to watch. I wish she'd just rest and let somebody else push whatever agenda forward.

  3. In one sentence… "do it my way or we'll cancel Brexit" Mrs May… do us all a favour and lose your traitorous voice completely so we can't hear you.

  4. Too many cowards, for a fleeting moment we had a Vote giving us our freedom. There is no such thing as a Democratic Vote in the UK. The liberals appear to believe that the result of a Vote should not be acted upon, until they get a ''best 2 out of 3''. Does no one fear what reprisals and punishments will be dished out to us, for even daring to think we could leave the EU? We are there Goose that lays the golden egg…we are the biggest cash cow and, they can't let us go. Oh well….it was a nice thought, for a few years, that we would FINALLY be able to govern ourselves, with no muppet in Brussels dictating to us what we can and can't do and, how much it all will cost. Farewell….Vote to Leave….oh how you teased us you lil bugger. All that will be left to do is, for us to bend over and have our bums smacked for misbehaving. Will we still be allowed to keep our Pound? Will we still be able to not be a part of Schengen? I guess we will soon find out. We are going to be the bloody laughingstock of the World (that we once nearly ruled all of) and, will be labeled cowards. We may have to wear a crimson C on our clothing.

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