May says she is not prepared to delay Brexit beyond 30 June

Theresa May has written to the EU seeking a short delay to Brexit until the end of June, telling MPs at PMQs that a longer delay would mean ‘a failure to deliver’ on the result of the 2016 referendum
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25 Replies to “May says she is not prepared to delay Brexit beyond 30 June”

  1. So tell me, who is the politician that could replace May and find a deal that’s acceptable to all sides?. If they exist ,they are keeping a very low profile.

  2. well that means she is thinking of delaying beyond June.everything she has said and promised. she has done the opposite!! GET RID OF HER NOW. she is a disaster!! get in a Brexit PM a d parliament.

  3. This geriatric granny lies through her dentures so why would anyone believe the end of June will be decision time?

    This month sounds better to me, so get on with it and exit the expensive gravy train ASAP without paying the snouts in the trough one penny.

    Like it or not, believe it or not, the EU is a corrupt disaster and is failing Europe the UK and its citizens, in fact, everyone apart from the Banksters.

  4. Theresa may has a chin wag, she's got a voice like a motor bike on to much gas, rabbit rabbit, she speaks on, oh my God whereas the years gone, she's been getting a brexit basket and her stock has all gone, rabbit rabbit rabbit, her chain has rattled like a tin, only who let it in, rabbit rabbit, she speaks on and on rabbit rabbit, but before long I shall get grey hair that's just as long.

  5. I am amazed that these leaders talk democracy, where the principle is, majority rules through the voting box. Yet here we have a minority who were not victorious at the voting box and cannot accept the majority vote. Therefore, the whole principle of our underlying society is a fraud. 52% voted to leave, 48% voted to stay. Where is the conundrum? The will of the people was to leave, how did it get to this laughable joke?

  6. If the house passes her deal under threat from the EU they should all hang for treason. Seriously. We voted out. Not in with no voting rights, taking orders from brussels and paying out of our asses to have access to the single market. Somehow i think the 30th of june will come and go with no change. They do not want to take us out unless they can get all the benefits of being in. Will never happen in a million years. So rather than take a bad deal we should leave with no formulized WA and ge ton with it under WTO. The ireland border is just too bad. The price to pay for centuries of land grabs, theft, muder and slavery. Ireland will have to be given back to them. I dont care.

  7. She thinks she's strong arming Parliament into her deal. But she's setting up the UK for a no-deal instead. Even after Parliament explicitly refused that outcome. The Bloomberg story on Nigel Ferguson's false statements on the referendum outcome for currency speculation shows this whole thing has been a scam from the start. And they think they'll get a better deal long term by going free trade with the US? The UK is so screwed.

  8. 30th of June 2019,2020,2021,22,23,24……In the meantime they will still have the European elections, with maybe an additional question on it. F*ck off! 29th of March or civil unrest.

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