May ‘profoundly regrets’ parliament voting down Brexit deal

Theresa May said she profoundly regretted parliament rejecting her Brexit deal for a second time on Tuesday, 17 days before the planned departure date. The deal was rejected despite late concessions from the EU27, losing by 391 votes to 242 – a majority of 149.
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49 Replies to “May ‘profoundly regrets’ parliament voting down Brexit deal”

  1. second referendom why is this a problem leavers will get a majority once more as they can now see how wonderful it will be …

  2. With great power comes great responsibility.
    She is carrying out her duties.
    I pray in the next few days,
    the government and House of commons
    find unity.
    In Jesus name

  3. By far the most interesting and fascinating part of the recent debate was witnessed only by parliamentarians and those who watched the event on livestream. May spoke about the 'fragile' trust that British citizens now have in democracy. In response to this, the howls of derision from the Labour benches were quite breathtaking. Of course, this has now been cut from the reports of all the major British news outlets. But what does this tell us about our political elite? Well, it certainly tells us that our Labour parliamentarians do not give a flying f*** about democracy. It tells us that In the post-truth world they have created, May's concern about democratic values was something to be scorned and ridiculed.

  4. May's got to go! We're sick and tired of all the duplicitous patsies on both sides of the House pretending to do the people's bidding, when they're all dead against it… The Conservative party's got to go! Labour's got to go! The entire rotten, money-grubbing British establishment's got to go, and a brand new party born!

  5. I really pity Ms. May. Despite her sore throat, she has to continue debating in Parliament. Her voice is still needed for the impending Brexit.

  6. If that's the only deal that's on offer,it's no wonder it was rejected,and those who thought it was a good deal have been corrupted,what price freedom.all these corrupt politicians will regret their treachery at the next general election,they have become unelectable,they'd better start looking for another profession because they won't make it in politics.

  7. Man, you British are a funny mob. I live on the other side of the world, so I don't really care which way you go, but I so want you to go all the way and push the big red "No Deal Brexit" button. Just for a bit of entertainment and excitement for me.

  8. The long con is reaching it epicentre! The corrupt remain politicians along with the EU are a few hours away from steeling freedom from the British people. Odious,callus, spineless individuals that make up this cartel farse are rubbing their greedy little hands together. It’s time for the British people to rise up and turf these treasonous wretches out for ever. WTO is actually what we voted for ! So all of these Lies are manufactured by the corrupt remain supporters. It’s ironic that Europe needs this just as we do to get rid of this totalitarian organization known as the EU. Don’t let them steal our Freedom!

  9. The best thing to do now is have another referendum asking the question whether or not the citizens want to break away from the Union. It's the only option left.

  10. Ive never voted until recently im 37 and ive just voted once becouse i just think they talk aload of rubbish but i got told if i didnt vote i would get a fine im not 100 percent if i havent ever voted in the past but not that i can remember anyway

  11. What fckn deal? She'd sign a sheet of toilet paper at this point so loyal is she to the globalist class, such little she thinks of her country & citizens. Obviously no deal in UKs interest is possible ergo a deal wld only be detrimental & costly to UK

  12. Look, David called for it because he thought it would fail but it was what the people wanted.

    we voted (I chose remain) and the higher percentage of people voted leave, I accept the results and if the remain side wanted us to stay then they should have provided more info on why.

    And instead of fighting about leaving, delaying etc etc, both sides had ample time to find an amicable solution for which benefits the UK as a whole but alas here we are, at the door of a no deal however democracy is first and foremost and thus we should adhere to the results and put this off no longer.

  13. Remove that bloody chain from your neck, dismiss your stylist and then you can go somewhere for holidays. Make sure you stay there for a long long long long time.

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