May goes to Europe seeking last-minute concessions before Brexit vote

After a day of will she or won’t she go back to Europe to try again for a deal, Theresa May is right now on her way to Strasbourg for a last-minute meeting with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.


Their face-to-face talks are due to start in an hour. Earlier in the day Downing Street insisted that the Prime Minister would stick to her promise to give the Commons a “meaningful vote” on her Brexit deal tomorrow.

With the country’s very future hanging in the balance, MPs will have to wait until later this evening to get even a hint of what they will be voting on.


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41 Replies to “May goes to Europe seeking last-minute concessions before Brexit vote”

  1. Did she though, as she came back with the same nothing she's been trying to push as 'the next brexit deal' for years. What we want it out. No deal. Leave the EU.

  2. LOL. Just imagine how Brits must be pissed with this frustrated situtation. They must have realised they voted to leave the EU when in fact they should have voted to purge all incompetent politicans they have.

  3. We must be straightforward, but not simple. It is not about the UK and the EU, it is about the financial superstructures that govern both. It is not so much a political issue, but a commercial issue in which capital is above the interests of European peoples.
    The Brexit as its final outcome are in the hands of an elite to which no one has voted and nobody will vote. Hence the annoying sense of uselessness that these debates arouse in the spectators. "Alea iacta est".

  4. Just mess it up then have another referendum eventually the public will give up the idea to leave .End of problem
    convincing everyone thats what they want .Thats democracy

  5. With respect, Mr. Junker slowly gave Mrs. May a beautifully wrapped present which she carefully brought back to the UK on the plane and then Mrs. May gave the gift to CoxMP and then AhA as CoxMP unwrapped the gift he found it amounted to 'no change'

  6. Forget Brexit Mrs May is the WORST PM of all time waste of tax payers MONEY paying her a salary BRITAIN is becoming a THIRD world COUNTRY thanks to NO leadership

  7. After all, as UK cannot make a decision, EU will draw the line or rip the cord. Till then theatre goes on until July 2019. Last line is the EU votes for Parliament in Strasbourg. May 2019. Then UK will be out…if not other things happen. Swiss or Norwegian solution will follow…..But theres a lot of work in front of both EU and GB. Frontiers and taxes and single treaties…all has to be discussed . to put it optimistic: It´s not the end of the world, but is complicated. Hard Brexit in 1st stage, agreements in 2nd stage.

  8. This is the same tactics done to other countries.
    Rushed until it’s too late to review or understand what has really changed.
    Read the fine print with X-ray and a magnifying glass is not enough…

  9. What kind of stupid argument is that?

    Is there any legitimate reason for any kind of delay?

    What non sense is this?

    You had two years, you got paid for two years to do a job

    Just get out of #EU with #NoDeal, you good for nothing, useless people

  10. March 12th:
    She has failed again and miserably. It is now time to resign and vote Rees Mogg as PM and carry out what the people voted for leave with no deal and no fear. May does not know what to do Rees Mogg does and he can save the Conservative party into the bargain and May will just be a nightmare to forget!

  11. these r the luntics runing our country its the only thhing she been on about since she became pm trump an his wall may an brexit 4 years off bullshit crimanls the lot ove em corrupt to death same old same old rich gettin richer poorer more poorer

  12. If May does not get it’s awful deal through, there will probably call a Heneral Election, which will bring UKIP to power. These morons will not believe that, but they did not believe that the Brexit vote would pass. They are too far up ea

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