May dashes to salvage Brexit deal in Brussels

The scene is set for a crisis: MPs indicating they still won’t back the PM’s deal, Theresa May insisting she won’t ask for a long extension, and the EU currently saying nothing except that they might convene an emergency summit next week. (Subscribe:

In Britain, over a million people have signed a petition in the last 24 hours calling for Article 50 to be revoked – a possibility that Jeremy Corbyn refused to rule out earlier.


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48 Replies to “May dashes to salvage Brexit deal in Brussels”

  1. She is a fucking disgrace and a liar. She said 100 times we will be leaving on the 29th March. This government has planned this all along to remain. They are all traitors to the British people.

  2. They are just concerned about jobs and big organisations making huge profits and prospering, yes of course we don't want to see people out of a job but they fail to look at the big picture which is about Britain having control of its own future, its own laws, control of our boarders and fisheries. We don't want to be a part of a system which is run by a bunch of unelected bureaucrats who cannot be voted out of power. Staying in the EU means we no longer have any control of our country, we will be governed by the EU parliament indefinitely. And the argument that businesses are not prepared for Brexit is old in the tooth. The truth is they have had nearly 3 years to make provisions and it is only now people are saying, but we don't have time to make changes and people will lose jobs. Well I don't buy it sorry, you should have foreseen the implications of leaving the EU and done something about it, too little too late, we voted leave in 2016 and you should have taken it seriously unlike Brussels.

  3. Corbyn now backs revoking Article 50? LOL! He said he would NEVER back that. They’re all a bunch of jokers. I’m tired of talking about the EU, thinking about the EU and being tied to the EU.

  4. What is the point of a democracy if they refuse to accept the result of the people who voted?. It’s not an issue about leaving or not!, its the fact that they are trying to get out of the promise that they made because they didn’t expect to get the result but they should honour the people who have made their decisions. If they have a second referendum then we will have to get used to the fact that we are living in a disguised dictatorship and that is the fact of the matter despite the political word salad spewed out by the liars who are running the country

  5. 3: when british is the first to exite dare ? Hypocrite boys are proud to be british if is no deal the moneygrab systems stuck still ? Choose dude …?

  6. Its INACCURATE to say NO ONE WANTS a No Deal BREXIT…I remind you..NO ONE VOTED for a " Deal" BREXIT…They voted OUT of the EU ..PERIOD..Article 50 does NOT REQUIRE A " DEAL" …to LEAVE the EU……and WTO terms are perfectly adequate and will do JUST FINE..until a trade deal can be negotiated. ..ONCE we are FREE AND CLEAR…and SOVEREIGN..NATION….

  7. Its no wonder that the USA wanted free of Britain all those years ago. They knew then just how Incompetent the British Political Establishment was then and still is. At least the Yanks fought for freedom, not like our lot now.

  8. May please let us get out of the EU with no ties we voted to leave so let's just leave and sort it out when we have to they want us more than we need them when I was 10 fish was plentiful as well as new Zealand lamb bring back the old days there was no worries and were better off without having to pay towards a club where we didn't haven a positive say only for the EU to want more money off us every year and are just laughing at us as they find us weak and gulable junker on 32.000 Euros a month makes you a monkey cause it's British money paying for a unelected Muppet show that is why leave means leave

  9. It's no coincidence her necklace is a thick silver chain. She's a puppet for the private bankers who want a one world currency/religion. Or should i say Satan does! I prey more people waken up to this sooner rather than later. God bless, and much love to all including Satan himself! Without you i never would have had the knowledge and understanding of what evil was and is, since that knowledge was truly (sacred) and never intended for Man! But man's true essence is that of the creator which is of love! And that will always shine through any amount of darkness and heartache you try and throw at it.

  10. They are traitor s
    If we let them brake the laws of the land
    We can to just
    dnt pay your taxes there's loads of ways to be seval still to people and not brake the
    Like the government

  11. #🌏💡🇺🇸🇬🇧👑👶🙅‍♂️💕💎🎉🌹💃✌️:#🇬🇧👑PrimeMinister Rt.Hon.MadamTheresaMayPowersOnRelentlesslyToDeliverRealBrexitDealsPoweredBy🇬🇧👑2016NationalPowerfulEvenMarginalVotes!#ThisIsRealPowersOfDEMOCRACY!#MultipleObstructiveParliamentariansDisgraceOur🇬🇧👑NationalEthicsAndOur🇬🇧👑Values!#People’sPilgrimsVisionaryHugelyGifted🇬🇧👑Parliamentarians!#UniteForRegionalNationalGlobalGoods!#AlwaysHugePowerfulEnshrinedDemocraticSweeping🇬🇧👑RoyalPrerogativesWithHugeHumanitarianLeadingGlobalAboveServantsOfGOD’sEumenicalPATRONSaints! RESPECTS&THANKSGIVINGS!#👶🙅‍♂️💎👀💕💝🌹🎉💃👏!#InHolyContemplation! Respects!#LeaveNoOneBehind!#JesusOnTheCross!#🌏💡🇺🇸🇬🇧👑💕✌️🙏.(.

  12. i am german, and i already live 20 years in portugal, i love england i love the people and i love the food that`s why everything is so sad,to me, but that is always the case with a divorce, one must suffer, if you can not reach agreement !!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. how can uk not be ready for a no deal how?

    also its not may red line its europs red line and we are winning because every big company it leaving uk and coming to eu
    uk it like a mootrbiker trying to play chicken with a 20 ton truck!


  15. Amazing, being lead into the unknown by a party that the people did not want, feeling ashamed of their handling of this utter shambles. People didn't know what they were voting for, as they were misinformed, or just voted with their anger for the lack of jobs, blaming migrants from the EU. But whos heads will roll for this, not theirs for sure. We are the ones that will suffer, those of us whose lives are already hard to manage will now not be able to afford food, gas or rent, while these tory bloodsuckers suckle crystal champagne from the nation's teat.

  16. he EU has agreed to violate their own rules to accommodate the UK. They decided to seal the deal with the UK, the deal that works for EU and UK both. Also not to forget they have the upper hand and the MPs must understand that it' not up to Theresa May or any other MP to deliver but up to the Parliament to decide whether to accept or reject the final deal or remain in the EU. Corby is a hypocrite and the reason for the mess the country is in at the moment, as he was more interested in criticising Theresa May then to come up with a solution that would serve the public in general. It is not Theresa May's fault that nothing has been agreed but the failure of rebellious MPs, who don't know what they want and are making noises for the sake of it and for the wrong reasons, to support their MP.

  17. The shambling circus that is the british government is making us all look bad. Honestly a bunch of primary school children could probably handle this better than Theresa May and the MPs

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