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Pendulum Potion
Clean Dirt
Jasmine Garden
Problem Solver
Youth Dew

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48 Replies to “LUXURY CRUELTY FREE SKINCARE | May Lindstrom”

  1. May Lindstrom is the best!! You have to try Blue Cocoon in the winter, it is my favorite product of hers. What I love about her products is that even though the price point is high, her Clean Dirt, Problem Solver, and Blue Cocoon includes a ton a product compared to other similar lines who have high prices for small quantities. Love love love ❤️

  2. I came from Tashina's channel. She talks so highly of you!!! I use the blue cocoon. This was referred to me because I have a Hugh surgical scar from getting my cancer removed and it has diminished so so much in a short period of time!!!!!! Its a miracle balm!!!!!

  3. I would suggest staying away from the problem solver mask if you have even slightly sensitive skin. It definitely made a mess of my skin.

    I have the Jasmine Garden as well but… my husband complains about the smell of it 😐 It does smell quite cloying and almost like a grandma perfume at times.

  4. Hey! I’m getting my septum pierced soon! I was wondering if anyone knows aftercare sprays (saline sprays) for cleaning new piercings that are vegan and cruelty free? Thank you so much ❤️

  5. Oh man, I couldn't get past the scent of the cleansing oil! I got a sample and couldn't finish it. I do love blue cocoon though. It saves my skin during dry winter months. Great video!

  6. I’ve been wanting to get the problem solver forever but was kinda iffy about it. You totally sold me now 🙌 my wallet will be crying but my skin won’t 😂

  7. I thought to myself before you said so to get the mask so I am glad you said so 🙂 Thanks for the review. I appreciate your opinion before purchasing anything & you never steer me wrong. Hope this finds you well, Rhian. 🤗

  8. hey could you do like a video where you do your morning and night skincare and show us some of your fav tips/products ? maybe something with a voice over or just visuals as you talk idk btw your videos have been great!

  9. I’m SO happy you reviewed this brand! I’ve been wanting to try. Although the product I was most excited for, the blue cocoon, you didn’t purchase. But the rest of the products seem so amazing I will probably just go ahead and get it. Let us know if you end up trying that one! As always great video. Love your channel.

  10. Just curious how do you feel about this brand vs Kypris? Im trying to incorporate better skincare into my self care routine, but due to my budget I'm doing so slowly haha. You had me sold on Kypris from previous videos and that is what I have been looking into, so I just thought i'd ask your opinion. As always thank you for the outstanding content!

  11. Another line that sounds very similar to this (but more budget-friendly) is Live Botanical! She does use honey and beeswax in some things, so not everything is vegan, but all ingredients are sustainably sourced and everything is beautiful. I've switched to using that line pretty much exclusively and I'm obsessed. Check it out!

  12. How is the cleansing oil on your eyes? I love Tatcha cleansing oil because it is really easy on my eyes and am a bit afraid to change. I'm normally a contact wearer.

  13. I ordered a Charlotte tilbury skincare set from the Nordstrom anniversary sale. Can’t wait to get it! One of my favorite luxury lines for makeup but my first for skincare 🙂

  14. I like the switch between 'natural' and 'botanical'. I have a degree in Chemical engineering, and it drives me nuts when people criticize things for having 'harsh chemicals' in them, but at the same time I love the smell and feel of botanical products. They just feel luxurious to me. As always, I loved the video!

  15. Pooryou taking one for the team trying all this luscious skin care 🙂 I do have the Jasmine mist and love it for calming irritated skin and am coveting all the other stuff x0x0 Love from wet n windy blighty

  16. I absolutely LOVE May Lindstrom skincare! It has helped my skin so much. And I love that May is so interactive on Instagram. She's the one that writes the replies.

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