Live: Theresa May news conference after she agrees Brexit delay with EU | ITV News

The Prime Minister is giving an update after EU leaders agreed a plan which will delay Brexit until May 22, so long as MPs approve Theresa May’s withdrawal deal next week.

However, EU leaders added that if Mrs May’s deal is not approved, the UK has until April 12 to declare its next steps.

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50 Replies to “Live: Theresa May news conference after she agrees Brexit delay with EU | ITV News”

  1. There is no uncertainty. We do not want your deal, and we don't want to crash out without a deal. Since there is no deal that we approve after you and parliament failed to secure one after nearly 3 years- WE MUST REVOKE ARTICLE 50 and blow what you think.

  2. You stupid woman , we Don't want a damn deal. We want OUT .when I ticked that box , it said remain or leave , NOT do you want a hard or soft Brexit, just DO what we've asked you to do .

  3. Poor Woman Can't They All See That Ms May Is Clearly Unwell?Professional Psychiatric Treatment Is Required,
    She's Totally Being Taken Advantage Of By A Gang Of Unscrupulous Eurocrats, God Only Knows What They Are Doing To Her When She Is Alone In A Room Among Them When The Press And TV Cameras Are Not Present, What Sorts Of Abuse Could Be Happening Behind Them Doors?

  4. We are a Nation that can stand tall, stand proud knowing that we are unique and magnificent. We do not need the approval of 27 other country leaders telling us what we can and cannot do. But here we have a PM letting them do just that. Disgraceful!!

  5. Soooo annoying how she puts on a fake persona of an upbeat winner. She's a bigtime loser and incompetent idiot, the worst prime minister the United Kingdom has ever had the misfortune to have. She has the decision-making abilities of a sparrow and the backbone of a jellyfish. Come on men in grey suits, pay her a visit quickly or we are all doomed.

  6. What she done was publicly guilt trip and blame the MP who oppose her deal – this puts them in a very difficult situation. Not matter how much she apologies now she's already put it out there.

  7. I think she has early signs of dementia. I hope not. But I think its pretty obvious. her memory has definitely failed.

    I thought she said we were leaving on th 29th March 2019? she did say that right? about 100 times?

  8. A Reminder that she stated publicly, 108 TIMES, WE WILL BE LEAVING ON MARCH 29, it really doesn’t matter what she says, it means nothing, such is their contempt for the British public. A reminder Mrs May that you and the rest of your kind in parliament DID NOT give the people a vote in a referendum on Europe it was clear for the world to see that the British people wanted to vote on the matter and you and your kind simply enacted as demanded to do so, it may also be worth remembering that Parliament and its occupiers give the people nothing, it is the people doing all the giving and the calls from all quarters for the gathering of people to protest this farce may well see the Politicians given more than they bargained for, on this point the Public should not lose sight of the possibility that this may be a scenario that has been manufactured to carry out an exercise in control of the people, by force or whatever means they choose !

  9. Hope she gets her ass kicked off Moggy
    She said she did not believe in halting the deadline after the EU offered a delay plan, adding: "I do not believe that we should be revoking Article 50." Well thats it folks….its goin t o be revoked innit lol

  10. She's going to revoke article 50. When she says she's not doing something it always turns out what she said she wasn't going to do. Remember her saying end of march we will be leaving what ever. They want to drag this out as long as they can so people get bored and just vote her deal.

  11. Its a double cross, cant anyone see it? The next step is to give us 2 choices in May, Stayin and get a vote or extend article 50 and have no vote in the EU = Stay in (Teresa May and her treason in May, her name was the clue)

  12. Britts gained their prosperety on the back of EU, don't forget that before joyning EU most of the households in UK didn't even had toilets and some water, the bill for all fundings from EU will have to be repaid over next 100 years.

  13. Mrs May and the EU believe the film Groundhog day is based on real live lol. Time to follow our vote May leave now under WTO terms which are fare to both sides. Those terms allow trade to flow. Plus the benefit of the EU paying the UK as they export more into the UK than we export to them. Why should we be paying multi billions to the EU when they should be the ones paying the UK for access to our market. Tell us Mrs May why you and the EU are colluding to hide the full cost to the UK tax payer of your so called deal. The EUs own web site stated the full cost the UK will pay will not be known for many years as many items have not been included in this part of the deal. Next explain why the EU want to protect EU criminals from UK courts and how that can work? Has she agreed to the EU setting up EU courts inside the UK or will we have to pay more billions each year to transport EU criminals to the EU and pay EU court costs more billions each year being milked out of the UK by the EU.
    The reality of what we have so far is a list of EU demands pre conditions and no sign of what they will demand in a trade deal bomb shell. They will ensure we pay them more money in a trade deal plus impose Tariffs on goods we import from the bigger world to keep our shop prices high to protect their market. Time to leave is now reverse our dont turn your back on the EU we see the Hate from Tusk and co. As for the Irish Republic they are not part of the UK what happens to them is now an EU problem. They have backed the EU against us they picked their side.

  14. The people should not fear the government, its the government that should fear the people, democracy will win or the people will start a revolution.

  15. Refusing the highest level of democracy is a sign of shere fear of finding out what is the people feedback on their feeble attempts to pull out something that is in nobody's interests (except maybe the guys from the City of London).

    Maybe the media should take the initiative and design a pool, where people could express if they are kindly prepared to take the burden of the decision taking off the May's and MP's shoulders.

  16. You are such a rectched lier. A proper stubborn cow that has done no good for anyone who matters. Your too much if a coward to admit you have taken the wrong path and have dug your heels in so much that you have held the country from moving forward.

  17. Sherlock would say „if u have taken all other possibilities from the table, the remaining option must be right“ so it would be revoke. But they are willing to destroy the industry and agriculture for political gain, so we have a good idea what is going to happen. U could leave again, there is mo law against that

  18. Traitorous b****. We voted to leave the eu completely not to be half and half. Your breaking the law if we dnt leave on the 29th and my god u will have one hell of a riot I promise u that.

  19. No one wants your shoddy deal! Take us out with no deal on the 29th and regain what little respect you have left from the nation. 🇬🇧

  20. She's going to betray the referendum result!, we voted to leave the common market!!! and she's extending the A50 Leave Date! the queen signed that!!! 0_0 DICTATOR!

  21. Brexit should be dropped because there was insufficient support at the referendum. Democracy does not mean a simple majority means you get that decision. Democracy reflects the desire of the people as a whole. The majority was not sufficient and this is reflected in MPs attitude to the terms of the agreement. Obviously almost a majority will oppose much of the agreement. Therefore the Brexit can never be achieved on such a small majority. And there should not be a second referendum: the British people democratically rejected Brexit. Parliament rejected no Deal Brexit. Brexit to conform with principles of democracy must be abandoned.

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