33 Replies to “John Martyn with Kathy Mattea – May You Never”

  1. As the song progressed it became clear just how much John was enjoying that didn't it. I saw him so many times (over about 40 years) and those moments when a performance really hit the spot for him were some of the finest anyone could ever experience.

  2. I asked Kathy about this session and this recording in particular. She smiled, and "let slip" that a lot of whisky had been drunk. Fantastic recording of a great song.

  3. This is and was always my favorite song of JM, although there are better composed, thoughtful and deeper ones of him. On YouTube, I tried to capture some of it. And he and Kathy Mattea have hit the mood of this song so perfectly and sensitively and well accentuated. This also shows the wide range of musical knowledge that JM had, beeing able to transform the original song into this rhythm, to give it the colour of an American country song and not to lose the romantic timbre. Great musicians have come together here.

  4. A comment updated to refresh the love and respect toward this sincere artist, great man and singer that I discovered at the age of sixteen, staying outside the roman arena of Orange, France… I listened his voice during concert without seeing his face and knowing who he was…. never stopped following him from that day… his masterpiece for me "Fine Lines"…. the best ones for clean soul and deep talent which I could never forget: John Martin (Iain David McGeachy) together with Chris Boyle Cornell …God hope embracing them where they are now

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