I ACTUALLY CRIED? – Devil May Cry 5 Funny Moments (ENDING)

First game that I actually finished on the channel. Devil May Cry 5 was a fantastic game that I thoroughly enjoyed! Will miss Dante, Nero and Virgin for sure.
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Game: Devil May Cry 5

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Devil May Cry 5 Final Boss


23 Replies to “I ACTUALLY CRIED? – Devil May Cry 5 Funny Moments (ENDING)”

  1. Myth please never ask if it will take Dante and anyone to fight just Vergil Vergil and Dante are equal and Nero is stronger than both of them and Dante shouldn’t say his mom left Vergil she tried to find him but died in the process and Nero devil trigger is insane it would actually take Vergil and Dante to best Nero so idk why Vergil even thinks he could take Nero in the slightest

  2. I'd like to see you in a full playthrough of a game. When I see you playing a good game and I wanna see more I look at another youtuber or okay the game myself before I watch the compillation you do. I mean you could do both, one where you cut for ppl that likes the short videos and one of the full game. But that's just my opinion

  3. i only playd the dmc game with the stupid name (you might ask wich one) devil may cry devil may cry (yes that is the name devil may cry dmc it is a dumb name) but i did enjoy it

  4. Lol. You didn’t include the part right after Nero backhanded Dante with the wing and said “I’m not letting either of you die”. To which Dante replied saying something like “You kidding me? That bitch slap nearly killed me.” Lol

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