Gerard Batten: "What would another #Brexit referendum be on? May's deal or Remain?"

“What are we going to have a referendum on if another one comes along? Theresa May’s deal or remaining?” asks UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader Gerard Batten after Dominic Raab says a #Brexit delay would be seen as a win for the EU.

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26 Replies to “Gerard Batten: "What would another #Brexit referendum be on? May's deal or Remain?"”

  1. I hope you've got MPs in all areas now Gerrard, because we need you in number 10, & you weren't on the lists in most areas last time
    The globalists have alrady set up Nigel Farage as their new puppet parlement, (I hope the people can see through that) & I've no doubt the "runners" who've left the sinking ships of the old puppet parlements will soon be forming another party with the help of their hero Tony Blair the war criminal
    After all the globalists have to regain control over what was once, & may still be, (if the people wake up in time)
    The biggest threat to their EU agenda…
    The British Bulldog !

  2. No Deal will not lead to chaos. It will bring about the fastest agreement of a deal that you could ever imagine. Only once we have left will the EU believe that we are leaving and pull its finger out.

  3. It is clear to me now, that Jeremy Corbyn is prepared to sacrifice his position on brexit for victory in the next general election, by appeasing the Blairites within the Labour party.

  4. What ever it is going to be, a "political civil war" you shall have anyhow! The people and politics are split in more or less two equal parts. You have a serious identity problem in the UK, at this very moment and with the risk of splitting up the Union in the futur. I am curious to see how the reaction of UKIP and other Brexiteers shall be at the moment the Scots take a hike.The statement about the EU not being democratic is an opinion or a perception if you want to see it as such. There is a lot wrong about the Union at this very moment but you better try to improve its physical well being than putting forward the option of leaving. Not very British walking away from problems and indeed, for the UK the futur shall hold a lot of "sailing against the wind".

  5. Gerard Batten and company – you are impotent clowns who have no guts – so you only harrass and slander fellow Europeans – non-whites are laughing at you what cowards you are! and Europeans hate you for being jealous conspiring impotent malicious tumorous slob dickheads!

  6. Erm I speak for all the full blooded English people when I say we've already had a vote were having our country back and Europe can go fuck its self and scrounge off some outher country, it's fucked England up enough with its immigration laws and it's constant money pinching for the UK, fuck me it we would have been better off if Hitler was in charge rather than the EU

  7. Germany are kacking themselves. America and UK are the biggest importers of cars from Germany, and Germanys biggest expert is cars if we leave without trade deal and America imposing high tariffs that would strain their economy as they are biggest net contributers to EU that would very much destabilze them dramatically.
    Leaving the EU would then leave the net contributers in a pickle because so called 10 billion that we contribute would deffo double or even triple the money that they would need to replace with us leaving. LETS LEAVE LET BRITAINIA RULE HERSELF WE DID WELL BEFORE SND WILL DO SO AGAIN

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