Finding Devil May Cry

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Special thanks to Atmos Fabula for his section of Royal Guard style. I had a cameo in his DMC3 video if you like watching impotent gamer rage. Channel here:

This is part 1 of my Devil May Cry retrospective. The developers shot off from RE4 and made a new franchise, but how did it get to where it is today? What did it look like and how did it play?

Devil May Cry is an oddly varied series for one with the same core patterns of gameplay throughout. Dante himself has gone through so many changes it’s a wonder he ended up as loved as he is, but DMC4 probably did the bulk of that.


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  1. When the enemies are pushing the attack button you push the jump button when the enemies are not pushing the attack button you push the attack button

    Congratulations you just beat devil may cry

  2. I loved the trilogy "excluding 2", especially the combo system, dmc 1 had a nice combo transition between human and demon form which you could abuse with the shotgun that made amazing combos, wouod be nice if it was added again in another game

  3. Here’s the story behind the game decisions made in DMC:
    DMC 1 was made by Hideki Kamiya but after DMC 1, he left Capcom. Capcom didn’t know what to do with this game so they just gave it to a director who had no idea what he was doing, in comes DMC2. DMC2 is the product of a director who didn’t do anything with all the development time he had and then ended up jumping ship, in a panic capcom threw the game on Hideaki Itsuno. Itsuno only had like… a month to do something with it before it was released. As you can see he tried but there was no saving that mess. After the release, Itsuno said,” Hey I don’t want to be known as the creator of this trash, let me show you what I can really do.” Thus DMC3 was born! And all was well until DMC4. DMC4 was planned to have so much more story and content and not be so repetitive but for whatever reason capcom cut his development time and… yeah basically capcom was being a douche and Itsuno had no choice but to release the half-baked DMC game. Let’s hope things look up with the newest Devil May Cry.

  4. Bro you talking about DMC2 being so easy that a child could beat it like a bunch of us kids weren’t beating DMC3 with it’s crazy adapted Western difficulty which made first time players shrivel up and cry wishing for the sweet embrace of a bleach bath to put them out of their carpel tunnel inducing hell hole.

  5. 'I'll be playing in normal because I assume that is the intended developer difficulty'

    fair assumption but nah these games are tuned with dmd in mind

  6. I know you said you prefer Alastor, but if you use Ifrit Griffon and Nightmare become easier/more entertaining to fight. In particular you can parry the stab attack from Nightmare if you have Ifrits rolling blaze

  7. I don't know why you neglected to mention the doppelganger know that you unlock closer to late game but my brother and I found out that you can activate player 2 with it and technically make it a two player game, and also you could control Virgil in the final boss scenario.

    Good times.

  8. ive played dmc3 on ps2 as my dmc game ever i never understood the fucking until i discovered the internet. As my 13 year old self played dmc3 confused and wondering what was going on in the game.

  9. DMC 1: Really fun game -(even today) Really good gameplay and the fundation of the serie's style.
    DMC 2: I liked it, the combos ( when you take the time to do them and to learn how to combo with guns and shotgun) is really good, The two charcters are really different in gameplay ( desperate devil trigger for dante and super moves for lucia), Trish, The costumes are nice (even the diesel one kind of). Best looking dante and never understood the backlash about his personnality.
    DMC3 Special Edition: One advice DO NOT TAKE DANTE S AWAKENING ON PS2 for europe and north america, your gonna suffer since all the difficulty options as been changed (normal is hard) because of the complains about DMC2. The game is known for being the best of the series and i won't argue with that.
    DMC4 Special Edition: Continuation of DMC 3 in terms of gameplay for dante with the possibility to switch on the fly beetween the five styles. New charcter nero that is a really good character for the limited amount of time allowed for his development ( hope to see more in 5) + trish lady and vergil playable in that version of the game. Every character plays differently and are a real joy to play with.
    DmC Spécial Edition: Story is boring and aside from the color coded ennemies, the gameplay is really superb and the art design as well ( would have loved a devil trigger in that style but seems like devil trigger in this univers are just unlocking special ability like strenght for dante and doppelganger for vergil)

  10. Okay hear me out, while DMC 2 is fucking abysmal, it's only even in its playable state because Itsuno stepped in and saved the actual project. In like 7 months or something.

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