Finding All Separated Children May Be Impossible, Feds Say | Morning Joe | MSNBC

The Trump administration said in a court filing that reuniting thousands of migrant children separated from their parents or guardians at the U.S.-Mexico border may not be ‘within the realm of the possible.’ Jacob Soboroff reports.
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Finding All Separated Children May Be Impossible, Feds Say | Morning Joe | MSNBC


38 Replies to “Finding All Separated Children May Be Impossible, Feds Say | Morning Joe | MSNBC”

  1. It wasn't only MOTHERS, it's families… Children were stolen from their families…and now, that is part of the USA history… Because, you all just sat there and let it happen. What are you going to do to fix it?

  2. legislate 20 year jail sentences for anyone holding an immigrant child from the 2018 tRump ICE actions.
    then give a 6 month amnesty for people to come forward and declare they have a kid.
    Sadly, i think dotards MINIONS have sold most of those children to pedophile rings, so LIFE SENTENCES for betsy devoss and anyone known to have "lost" children.

  3. This immigration travesty is the handiwork of the Joseph Goebbels of senior policy advisors to trump, Stephen Miller. This far-right political activist, erstwhile communications director for Jeff Sessions, is clearly behind this heartless, cruel and unjustified treatment of children at the US border. His evil rhetoric is now manifest in bloody criminal deeds callously perpetrated by the trump administration in plain sight.

  4. You can bet that if Russia or China or any country in the Middle East did this, the world will be up in arms. Amnesty International, World Vision, etc will be making ads asking for donations. When the USA does it, no one bats an eye.

  5. Even though i dont know much about politics, i can tell this is the wrost president of the millennium not even in million years can find a worst one who worst than him!This freaking big PATHOLOGICAL liar clown create nothing but chaos , crisis & pain. Not only in trade war, economics downturn, human crisis like parent-children separation, blame on both side support KKK etc Only know intimidating, threatening, bullying, criticising his enemy, media who said bad THINGS ABOUT HIM.
    This selfish, immoral, inhuman little old man only think of himself & do not care anyone else but himself. As long as nothing benefit for him, it is none of his business, this clown does not care you die or live, even you lost your car, your boat, your airplane, your house, choose between utilities and food on table, choose between baby food and gasoline during the no pay government shut down showdown. This liar clown yesterday said A, today says B, tomorrow will say he never said A & B, the day after tomorrow will say what he said does not mean what he said. Enough is enough for this jerk. Might God bless American!?

  6. For any administration or government saying they are concerned about Humanitarian Crises or Human Trafficking, this ABDUCTION and STEALING thousands of tender aged children on their own soil will be their TOP priority – so where is the National Emergency Response, Trump?

  7. The Trump Administration doesn't care about those migrant children separated from their families, all they care about is lying with and for Trump. Shameful, this is more dark times in our history. Remove Trump from the White House enough is enough.

  8. "Impossible to reunite"? Gee, you really are living in the 1950's if you haven't heard of DNA matching tests. Simple solution: Ask South American governments to ask their people that have lost their children in the USA dog cages to take a swab, then return them to the US with your name and address or church contact. Take swabs from the kids, and Bob's your uncle. (Or Momma, as case may be).

  9. This is slavery by another name only repackaged. Children with no ID, no paper trail, no parents (certainly will be afraid of authorities) put into the hands of who? Whom? Everyone that comes in contact with them makes money. The evil of it is apparent. There is no accountability, no oversight, no central database established – – that alone should tell you the truth of the matter. If you think human trafficking is not real think again. If you think it doesn't happen here you are mistaken. Humans are needed for everything from organs, to free labor, to medical testing. This is beyond scary, it's horrifying.

  10. It is not impossible, just very expensive and involves a lot of eating of crow. You have to invite the parents to the border, get DNA sampling done, match to children. Or did you "lose" the children completely? Did you sell them? The earth should denote a USA Day of Shame for these actions.

  11. Forget the funding of border wall or security, spend the money to reunite these poor children with their parents before they be turn them into slaves or more undocumented immigrants.

  12. First of all, whatever it costs financially to reunite the children with their parents that should be spent. But secondly, it’s going to cost more to keep these children in detention center/ Forster care until they’re 18 years old. But lastly, how can anybody put a price tag on a child being with their parents?!

  13. Tears are rolling down my cheeks. These children have been put in the care of unknowns. This is tantamount to trafficking thousands of children. Forget about the wall – use the money to fund the process of reuniting these families.

  14. Think about it right and left. What is worse, they are both bad, but, which is worse: Women being duck-taped by drug-lords? Or children being lost by the most (powerful government on earth)? ANSWER: These are equally bad, equally reprehensible. MAGA .. no … is a sad day! America will never be great without a conscience

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