Fears of no Brexit drive hardliners to May's side

They’ve said no – emphatically and twice – to Theresa May’s Brexit deal, but tomorrow afternoon MPs will have the chance to say what sort of Brexit deal they do want.

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A group of backbench MPs has taken control of Parliament’s agenda and will make the Commons vote on a series of indicative votes. They could include cancelling Brexit altogether or a much softer Brexit. There are signs tonight that faced with that prospect some Tory Brexiteers have decided to back Theresa May’s deal after all. They might yet get a third vote on it this week.


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49 Replies to “Fears of no Brexit drive hardliners to May's side”

  1. A question for leavers: Imagine you where right and leaving the EU will truly be beneficial for the UK.

    Would you really want to be governed by these puppets..? If they cant execute a simple Article (being 50) how on earth will they vote on trade deals or other complicated chit?? Good luck I’d say…

  2. Did you notice how Theresa May is deliberately sabotaging Brexit? Just look at whats happened recently……

    1) She & the EU conjure up the worst deal possible that nobody would (or should) vote.
    2) Just as the ERG and Lisa Nandy's gang start coming round to voting it through she goes on TV and slags off all MPs. result – MPs now angry again and refusing to vote for it.
    3) Just as the DUP look like they will vote for it she stands up at the dispatch box and say we can't leave because the NI assembly isn't in place and its now their fault – voila DUP angry and they won't vote for it.

    oh and anyone who thinks Boris and Gove are brexiters you are I'm afraid deceived, they were Trojen horses in the leave camp.
    1) Boris and the £350million bus, something that no sane voter believed but a perfect straw man that remoaners can hit leavers with time and time again because they are so stupid they believed it…….although they didn't believe it for a second.
    2) Look at how easy Boris backed out of the conservative leadership 'contest' to let Theresa (the EU puppet) get the job. A few words from Gove and he quits the contest, bizarre! Bizarre that Boris is so sensitive and just as bizarre that people believed Gove, a man that is universally hated and untrusted….and where are they now, very quiet aren't they?

    oh and another thing, whether you voted leave or remain you have been played, the 'cartel' have it all mapped out and your vote counts for nothing.

    Remainers – did you realise you walked into the voting booth with Cameron, Osbourne, Blair, the Global banks, the multi-nationals, the central banks and the trade block that is keeping Africa in poverty? How does that make you feel? Everything that Corbyn has taken a stand against for 30 years you voted for, i thought you had the moral high ground and were for 'power to the people' yet you vote for the cartel – FUNNY huh!
    Why are remainers slagging of May? she is doing a great job of keeping the UK in the EU, she is your greatest hope!

    Leavers – did you think you were voting to leave? NO, you voted for more Europe! Divide and conquer! We either get the worst deal possible where (you get the blame) and we end up begging to go back but we will have to go back on their terms, into the Euro, no rebate, basically the same influence as Greece.
    OR the Cartel lets us leave and plays the long game knowing that the brainwashed youth will vote us back in a decade or so, meanwhile the EU will be more closely integrated, national parliaments will have less powers, the Euro will be across more countries……and we will rejoin on the same terms as the rest of them and sign our sovereignty away forever.

    Finally – just why does the EU want an army? The EU was supposed to be a construct of peace…..maybe they will want to apply force to any country they doesn't obey their commands when they finally have the power that has been planned since 1946.

  3. These brainless morons now just want ANY Brexit at any costs. They're not even principled enough to stick with No Deal. Morons. Further confirmation an Article 50 revocation is the least worst out come here.

  4. Why do Channel 4 news always do their broadcast day after day right in front of the muppets with EU flags yelling out to stop Brexit? Could there be nowhere else in sight of the palace of Westminster that wouldn't get these protesters in shot and their voices on microphone? or could it be that C4 like to give out a certain impression that people everywhere they go are lining up to support remaining in the EU?

  5. Why on earth doesn't Theresa May offer Welsh govt, Scottish govt, NI Assembly (if DUP & SF can form administration ) and Labour a substantive role in the future trade talks with eu as set out in the political declaration? It appears that moderate Labour MPs are quite relaxed about the withdrawal agreement, but won't give the PM a blank cheque in regards our future relationship with the eu, so she should offer them a role. If at the end of negotiations there isn't an agreement between the parties, then that will lead into a general election and all parties can put forward their stance on the future relationship and people can vote accordingly?

  6. It's disgusting that the ERG would move from their position that The Withdrawal Agreement is the worst deal to it's an acceptable outcome just because a PM would resign. Proves they were disingenuous. Proves they were liars. Proves she was wrong to let them gain ground. Proves the bad people are in charge. Proves that lies and illegalities can be ignored.

  7. To that woman in Parliament who mentionex a petition of jyst under 6million remain signatures. First, i bet 3 million of them were fixed, and Second, when you have 18 million authentic signatures on that so called petition, then come back and ask then. Until then we have voted, now we 'Must' leave..No Deal preferably!!

  8. Do C4 really have to do these broadcasts outside? Would it really be so damaging to journalism to do it indoors? I respect people's right to protest but I can't hear what's being said because of those shouting pillocks in the background.

  9. The Wizards that called May's deal a disaster that would see the UK become a vassal of the EU now say they will support it saying being a vassal of the EU is better than being a full member. When are people going to see through these wizards white sheets. They care nothing about the UK and the only peoples voice they hear is their own.

  10. Great British government and parliament what a shamefull bunch of people nearly 3 years later I will never vote again for labour or conservative no respect for our referendum leave means leave WTO ok

  11. If Brexiters will surrender the whole hill they swore they'd die on in return for one of their irregulars replacing the General then this proves that their turncoat plan is not about principle or loyalty to country but purely a self-serving push for power.

  12. Now the Brexit MPs know that if they dont vote for this final motion, article 50 may be revoked and they might not get a Brexit at all. I hope other MPs don't fall for this, saying no to this next motion makes a chance of another referendum far more likely, and that's a good thing!

  13. Brexit is too important – the final decision must be put back to the people with a second referendum -the first was a a farce when people voted without the facts and without thinking

  14. Flannel four and its butthurt remoaner reporter.Yep he got really angry with godfrey about the bongo bongo land remark.See it upset him and the typical race card was played.Nothing but a bunch of lefties their all the same all the media.

  15. Who are these assholes?, we voted for brexit now get us out, a price have been put on peoples heads for less. They need teaching a lesson that they wont forget.

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