EU ultimatum to May: you can only delay Brexit if deal is passed

Theresa May has ruled out a long extension to Brexit while she is Prime Minister. (Subscribe:

In angry exchanges at Prime Minister’s Questions, she told MPs that they had indulged themselves on Brexit for too long and that she would never agree to a delay that meant holding European Parliamentary elections.

Instead she has asked the European Council for a delay until the end of June. The European Council President Donald Tusk responded by saying he thought a short extension was possible, but only if MPs vote for the deal next week. With those two ultimatums on the table, MPs’ choices in next week’s vote appear to be narrowing rapidly.


29 Replies to “EU ultimatum to May: you can only delay Brexit if deal is passed”

  1. You twiddle your toes and thumbs, you place your rules and regulations yet Britain was not told of your intentions when they voted for the common market

  2. Disgusting how many people are terrified of not being [as much] a slave. Just LEAVE and be done with it. May is a globalist puppet and will trash BREXIT.

  3. only delay if deal is passed??? WTF we should b out regardless please tell me WTF has being a part of this shithole eu has done 4 england? bet anyone they cannot tell me 1 good thing

  4. Were PROUD to be American's, NOT a BUNCH of PUSSIES who won't stand up to the Muzzles ! Hurry get out! Us Tourist will come back to London, once their stinky azz mayor is GONE!

  5. Rory Stewart is a limp-wristed wanker. He just proves what a bunch of useless cunts that presently make up the government.
    Mark Francois is parliament's Del Boy. The man is a fucking arsehole and should be stood up against a wall and shot.

  6. There were a LOT of british politicians shouting that the EU would back down and that the EU cant get their stuff together. I fail to hear that anyone say this now. And I wonder if people in England wonder if their goverment really is so much more competent than the EU is.

  7. During the run-up to the last general election Theresa May did all the canvassing speeches herself-she was the centre of attention-and look at the result. As for Brexit negotiations the original negotiating team have been sidelined and she is again doing it all herself-and look at the result up to now. She seems to know only one way – MY way.

  8. Voting for this deal that has been burried twice is WRONG. Mr Stewart , a few weeks ago you said that leaving on no deal was not so damaging (paraphrasing) But now is "deeply, deeeeply damaging" ???? How can you say this is a good deal!!!??? I mean, you are intelligent what happened to you? You do know how why this deal is undemocratic and for sure DEEEPLY DEEEEPLY DAMAGING for BRITAIN! since for ever we will be dependent on the EU about our freedom and governing with THEIR LAWS not OURS!

  9. If the EU presents so much bureaucracy and there are just liars, where is the problem – the quicker you gets out the better. Or is it not so and now are the Britis victims of lies of their own government, the stupidity of their people and your conviction, how you are something more then other countries and want to dictate terms?

    It's funny to looking going into something, but you don't even imagine what you want. Like young girl, who wants to get fucked but wants to stay a virgin.This decision will ultimately lead to the collapse of Great Britain, you will see. You will have to eat the soup that you cook and admit your stupidity. It would be fair to publish the addresses of all the politicians who advocated Brexit and the people who voted for that those persons who didn't vote for Brexit will know who to visit and demand from them their shortage of money if their salary will be lower cause of Brexit or if they will lose their jobs – it would be fair.

  10. Ok, now they have delay and what are they going to do with it? There won’t be another deal, hours of commons already voted no twice… and what is next?

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