EU leaders dictate Brexit terms to Theresa May

The Duran Quick Take: Episode 115.

The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss how EU leaders have agreed on a plan to delay the the Article 50 process which effectively postpones Brexit beyond the 29 March deadline.

The UK will now be offered a delay until the 22nd of May, only if MPs approve Theresa May’s withdrawal deal next week. If MPs do not approve May’s negotiated deal, then the EU will support a short delay until the 12th of April, allowing the UK extra time to get the deal passed or to “indicate a way forward”.

UK PM Theresa May said there was now a “clear choice” facing MPs, who could vote for a third time on her deal next week.


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38 Replies to “EU leaders dictate Brexit terms to Theresa May”

  1. Arrogant pricks who don't even know that the UK isn't part of the EU any more. That's how I see this stupid discription of what actually happened. You don't a clue!

  2. The despicable PM , reminds me so much a prime minister of Australia , Malcolm Turnbull , they are both NARCISSISTS, both wrecked their respective political parties

  3. A good deal of this analysis is irrelevant speculation. Only totalitarian governments ignore the results of universal suffrage even if permitted, and we certainly know now that the EU is a totalitarian dictatorship in
    which no such thing as a democratic vote. The results of the UK referendum cannot be negated by a general election. Brexit has already been enshrined in law.

  4. What do you expect? It's their club and their rules and there are 27 of them in that club. A person requesting to leave a club cannot be treated with the same favouritism as a member, otherwise there is no point in having a club. I don't think they would have given better terms to anyone else, because the backstop, which is a sticking point for many MPs, is a key element for Europe. Her problem was fourfold I think. 1) Holding an unnecessary election in 2017 which lost her overall majority in the House of Commons, because she mistakenly thought she would have a great victory over the opposition, and 2) putting party interests before the country's. She should have consulted MPs earlier about what sort of deal or Brexit they would support.3) She has terrible judgement in people. Appointing Boris Johnson, David Davies and later Dominic Raab to key positions regarding Brexit negotiations, was appointing people with very limited abilities, strong prejudices and little knowledge – not people who are on top of their briefs 4) Once she makes her mind up it's difficult to get her to change it. She's inflexible. Not so good in the situation she is in. In her defence, if she'd done 2) the likelihood is that her party would have ejected her as leader, and also until the Brexit implications became clearer I don't think many MPs were clear about what type of Brexit they would support. Is Theresa pronounced Terayza or is it pronounced Tereeza? I'm inclined to think that only pretentious folk pronounce it Terayza.

  5. Well the English need to readdress the position that they were in when they decided their Brexit plot because instead of recognising the initial position that the English parliament and country were in they acted instead and trued to use their position to force a financial position upon other countries using the Brexit plot. The initial position that the English were in needs to be address of which they call this specific position absentia. Which if not addressed will lead to a warfare position which is what the world is witnessing in the case of this Brexit plot. In addressing the positions that have been created by the English, they would then have freedom of movement to correct those positions instead of forcing a financial warfare position upon other countries which forced the English to leave the EU. This will not be resolved unless the English parliament addressed the absentia positions that they are in and England will indeed get what they have been plotting a war. Horrifying.

  6. I will never forgive the Tories for this NEVER, MP's may have no standards but I have. Alex says TM accepts no responsibility!…..hmmmmm…where have i heard that before, all the rights and no responsibility??

  7. You can clearly see BBC and chanel 4 and other "mainstream media" propaganda when they showing you ten of thousands pro europe protesters demanding second referendum, and staying quiet when pro brexit manifestation taking place. Wake up people

  8. If She .. "The Cat's Mother – Theresa May. Can't get either; approval, from the speaker, or if she gets that, She cannot get the proposal passed… Then There is No Reason For Delaying The 'Hard "No Deal EXIT! and we Leave on The 29th – and That's IT!!….

    Brexit!…. At Long Last!

  9. Another stupid forecast. If the EU were going to let a no deal exit happen because of a fall in government and general election, why did they even bother to agree a 2 week unconditional extension? Why not let the UK leave without a deal on March 29, 2019? Of course, it doesn't mean Mrs. May by resignation or the House of Commons by defeating her in a no confidence vote or by resolving by a 2/3 majority trigger a general election in the hope that the EU will agree to an extension to avoid no deal exit.
    It also doesn't mean anyone with a functioning brain is expecting Mrs. May's deal to be passed before the end of next week or the miracle of the House of Commons to come out with a concrete plan of action that merits a long extension.

    The reason the EU 27 agreed to an unconditional extension is to allow time for the House of Commons to consider another conditional offer of extension that the EU 27 will make end of next week.

    Currently, the 2 week unconditional extension is not yet law, either in the UK or the EU. It has been signed by all EU 27, but not by Mrs. May, so doesn't yet have legal force in EU law as specified by Paragraph 3 of Article 50. Mrs. May can't sign it until the parliament amends the European Communities (Withdrawal) Act. Mrs. May putting up an amendment to the act with 12th April and not 22nd May as the end date is an acknowledgement that there is no further expectation of her deal getting an unconditional passage in the House of Commons and she does not support a no deal exit by default.

    Once that part is clear, the EU 27 will be ready to make the conditional offer for a long extension. This offer will be valid in the event of any of the following scenarios coming to pass before 12th April 2019.
    1. Change of government
    2. Fall of government potentially leading to a general election
    3. House of Commons approving a general election
    4. Legislation passed mandating a referendum on the deal either explicitly or as part of a conditional approval of the deal.

    There will also be a condition attached to the offer. The UK must accept, probably through legislation, that all legally binding parts of the deal already struck (i.e. everything except the political declaration and probably UK's unilateral declaration) are complete and final i.e. the UK will not seek changes or additions to them.

    After signing that offer, the EU 27 will declare, unanimously, that all possible scenarios for a long extension and its length have been considered and everything except what is on offer have been rejected as they have not received the unanimous consent of the EU 27 as required under Article 50 for an extension.

    After that, there would be no need for any speculation regarding what the EU would do if a particular scenario comes to pass. They would have to do nothing, if it is one of the scenarios listed and will do nothing if it is not. The ball will be totally in the court of House of Commons.

    The "indicative votes" business can be dispensed with since there will be no urgency to decide what the political declaration should be.

    Hard Brexiteers will, of course, want Mrs. May to stay on, because her resignation will trigger the scenario 1 for long extension and Mrs. May having already proved she is against a no deal exit by default will be certain to agree to the long extension even if she resigns, but continues as PM, pending leadership election in the Tory party. Tory remainers, however, will give her the choice of legislating to mandate a referendum on the deal within a week or they abstaining when Corbyn moves a no confidence motion and letting her government fall, both scenarios eligible for a long extension.

    Mrs. May will have no choice but agree to a legislation that approves her deal on the condition that it be approved by the people in a referendum (Labour already offered to abstain on such a vote and let it pass) and unconditionally approve everything in the deal but the political declaration and UK's unilateral declaration (Labour has no problem letting them be approved unconditionally either, since it never objected to any part of them).

    So it will be a 2nd referendum and a long extension to draft it and conduct it.

    Once the UK signs up to the long extension before 12th April 2019, it has no choice but to conduct the European Parliament elections and it will.

  10. WHY the fu*# are they dealing with these EU f Akers leave pay them nothing make your own deals with other trading countries. Show some ba⚽️⚽️s for God's sake 🇬🇧🇬🇧

  11. The EU didn't dicate or gave orders in any way. The Uk activated article 50, the deadline was set in stone. You should have prepared your shit and get out by March the 29th as was agreed upon. Don't point fingers at the EU for your incompetence. Just leave, nobody gives a shit anymore. When you leave you will instantly loose 40 trade deals and you have only 5 prepared. USA, China, Russia and India are all ready to put their rules on the UK, they will be your masters and they know you need new deals badly so good luck with that.

  12. The EU is split! Macron will establish a plot against Germany, Hungary and the not yet EU-members first of all Switzerland. France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, some of the newer east-europe countries are bankrupt and at the brink of default! Macron IS the Rothschild's Trojan horse in the heart of the EU, this must be considered at all times!!

  13. May is a stupid woman and represents the majority of "intelligenzia" in the British political elite! There must be new parties comming up who are willing to establish despite opposite ideologies a functional government based on clever negotiated compromises!

  14. I've been carefully following the sad state of British politics and the Brexit/Tory fiasco. I have to agree with your analysis that the outcome of a "no deal Brexit' crash out will be the outcome. I would love to see the parliament take over and vote to stay in the EU. Not very likely, it seems.

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