DmC: Devil May Cry – What Happened? (ft. Derek from SSFF)

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  1. wha happun to fortnite? how did it go from "build a fort, to survive the night" to pubg clone? I was really looking forward to what fortnite was originaly supposed to be and not the garbage it is

  2. When the GameInformer issue with that infamous DMC: Devil May Cry interview, my friends and I thought it was a joke.
    When we saw the "Not in a million years" cutscene clip surfaced, one of us real-shit bought a copy and snapped, crushed, etc. it into shards and dust, sending a video of the entire ordeal to CAPCOM just to show how pissed we were.

    We all chipped in like 5 bucks to give him back the money well spent.

  3. You can't insult the fanbase and history and still expect your game to sell. Sure the game was never going to be as successful as the real DMC, but I don't think it would have been as much of a disaster if Ninja Theory had just shut their mouths and let the game speak for itself.

  4. I remember when people tried really hard to push MGR to being as shit as this dumpster fire, I love revengeance, that game was both fun and did kojima writing justice.

  5. Even tho there are legit criticisms for DmC (taking itself too seriously, Dante, mean-spiritedness), I'll defend it for having some character development and the chance to beat the shit out of a Fox News anchor analogue

  6. If I ever saw someone dressed like DMC 4's Dante get out of the bar, I would be running from that shit as far away as possible, where Dante goes, trouble follows, and with demons involved, so no thanks, or give him a thumbs up because Devil May Cry.

  7. I think the main reason everyone hated DmC's redesign of Dante was because it came out during a time where Blood on the Dance Floor was pretty popular, and god damn even back then they were cringy. Nowadays he just looks like your basic emo fuckboy, but hey at least the gameplay's good.

  8. I am so happy this had a happy ending. If Dmc 5 didnt exist, i would still have unrelenting hatred for capcom and ninja theory for killing my favorite series.

  9. oh man, you didn't add my favorite comment – kat's not like those other devil may cry girls, she's a strong female character (paraphrasing).
    or anything about how the definitive edition was basically made from stolen mods from the fan community and that's why there's no definitive edition on the pc.

  10. In other words DMC was a perfect blueprints of how to NOT Reboot a franchise. A director's ego off the charts plus too many cooks in the kitchen is a perfect recipe for an unfocused disaster of a game. Fans speak with their wallets and this is what happened when it came out. If the game director doesnt care what fans think then why should we care about your game.

  11. While DmC deserved a lot of criticism in terms of the PR (aka Tameem) and game itself, I however was very grateful for its existence on the PC. Not only does it actually got me interested in the franchise (and led me to appreciate the original series more), it also got PC porting company QLOC proved that character action worked well on keyboard & mouse. (I did get a proper controller for the original games, but I've heard DMC5 finally does have good KB&M controls, thanks of DmC!)

    Nevertheless, this is a good video surrounding its blunders and failures. Hope the Definitive Edition contents did makes it way to the PC, though.

  12. Am I the only one who liked DmC? The soundtrack and story were awesome. And the gameplay wasn't without bombastic fun. Did it feel different from the series? Yes. But I still think it was a better game than a lot of people gave it credit for.

  13. If I was a Capcom CEO I would do both DMC series at the same time. Like megaman and megaman x back in the day. Or how CoD was running for a while. But with a new game every 2 or 3 years

  14. I didn't find Devil Kings to be THAT Terrible an experience. But I will concede that, being a tone down easy mode style-less tooth-less version of Sengoku Basara, means it took me a bit to jump back to that series when it got a proper release just learning all the characters' real names.

  15. I'm glad in a way DmC: DMC failed. It meant Capcom could come back and hit back hard with DMC5, which is like one of my all time favourite games now.

    6:17 I was like is that the Bayonetta music? Platinum Games didn't make DmC DMC you loonies. Oh, right I see now. Carry on.

    Dante is like so cool he doesn't know he's cool. Whereas Donte is not cool but thinks he's cool.

  16. Dónte, el exterminador de demonios gave this game a whole new identity. The mexican/spanish influence made it something magical, some say even better than the DmC: Devil May Cry.

  17. Like Matt has said himself in a different video, I'm pretty sure a lot of people wouldn't have minded DmC if it had nothing to do with the series and was called Fireblade or DickSlayer.

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