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41 Replies to “DmC Devil May Cry – CG Trailer”

  1. For the love of god make a sequal to this game, i don't know if capcom understands how many new fans they attracted with this game, this game is what devil may cry should have always been! I don't think i could ever go back to playing the old devil may cry franchise because of how perfect this game was!! Please make DMC 2! Please!

  2. Am i the only one that was disappointed that we never actually got to go to a bank level? Cuz i would've loved to have done ALL of this stuff in-game and on location.

  3. This version is completely good, but the only thing that makes it bad is Dante, because in this one Dante's hair is black and he is a smoker, the life and demon bar are bad but without that its an excelent game.

  4. I did play it, but that comment was written way before that came out. It was pretty meh, and Vergil did go on a bit, but it helped us see into what he was thinking.

  5. Somebody is working for demon scum, i'd knock their shot out too and write "FUCK YOU" on them. You're like most DMC fans out there right now, nit-picking at everything. Its a retelling. Whatever part of retelling do people not get? If im retelling something (given creative freedom aswell) it sure as hell wont be the same as the orignal. Ninja Theory dared to do something dangerous with a beloved series. And they did good. You dont wanna see that fine. Go bury yourself in a hole and cry. sheesh.

  6. They made Vergil infinitely better in my opinion. No longer is he a one dimensional character, now he has substance. The only auto-aim that was in the other DMC games was guns, which this has, Dante and Vergil aren't acting out of character since this is their first game, they give background info on all the main characters, so they have depth, and I never had frame drops. They only part I'll agree with is the easy final boss, other than that, I really enjoyed the game.

  7. Not defending it, but what are people actually supposed to do? Many people don't know Dante, this is the first time meeting him, others just want a DMC game really bad and let's face it, aside from his character, it is still DMC. People give up? Wow, that's really great thing to say, so people should probably go and protest in front of NT headquarters.

  8. Game is shit.
    -Framerate drops
    -Stupid plot.
    -Unlikable characters
    -Baby killing
    -Demon Sex
    -Mediocre combat with no auto-aim.
    -Lack of depth on the characters
    -Vergil and Dante acting completally out of character.
    -There was more effort put on a normal enemy then on the final boss.(compare DMC3 final boss to this game)
    -Paid Reviews everywhere(with NT talking about the 10/10 scores before the reviews were released)

    How can you make Dante so unlikable?

  9. I don't care how Classic Dante was badass, the point is that Crapcum did a terrible job creating Classic DMC's continuity. BTW as a long-date fan, I can totally say that OId School Dante is just a flat character based on a exaggerated stereotype. Classic Dante is a typical anime tough guy who spits cool one-liners, just like Master Chief from Halo 1 is the classic stereotype of the silent and deadly supersoldier. And that's not interesting anymore, videogames no longer need flat characters.

  10. Then explain why he's so popular and described as "one of the most bad-ass characters around" and placing well in "Top Ten Coolest Video Game Characters" and also quoted to be "most memorable, influential, and most badass video game character ever made"?
    Try harder next time you're trying to force your opinion as a fact…
    Most people like old Dante's attitude no matter how much the story doesn't make sense.

  11. gotta love all the people slating the game when it isnt even out yet….give the game a chance…you never know, you might like it.
    Yes Dante had changed, but its just a skin for a character at the end of the day. The gameplay looks the same. (i aint played it myself yet, but im rather looking forward to it)..
    Just give it a chance before you slag it off….

  12. Walkthrough of this game on my channel I get all my games early next early walkthroughs will be Dead Space Bio Shock Infinite Metal Gear Rising Gears Of War Judgement Crysis 3 GTA 5 Injustice Splinter Cell Blacklist Beyond Two Souls Tomb Raider The Lasr Of US And Many More.

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