Devil May Cry: The Story So Far – Watch Before Playing DMC5!

Devil May Cry 5 is here! If you’re new to the series or just fancy a quick catch up before diving into Capcom’s latest, we’ve recapped the entire series in one handy video. Let us know what you think of Devil May Cry 5 in the comments!

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35 Replies to “Devil May Cry: The Story So Far – Watch Before Playing DMC5!”

  1. So Dante got trapped in the demon world in the end of the second game?
    Guess that explains then why he show up in Shin Megami Tensei III : Nocturne.

  2. I was meant to replay through the series before DMC5 released but didn't get the chance to so I didn't bother downloading them.
    Started the series with the DMC1 demo, the ending of that demo always had me hooked. Eventually got DMC1 fully. Next game I played in the series was 4 before bringing my PS2 back home (as I kept it where my gran lived) and as I did that, bought 2 and 3 also

  3. That's very good explanation so far for DMC series. I haven't play rest the series since last play after first game when I was student at second/junior school.

  4. Downloaded Devil May 5 at 10:30am & completed it at 10:18pm in the same date 08/03/2019.

    Good story it’s a shame that SPARDA died before the first Devil May Cry cause I would have loved to fight him.

  5. This game series sounds awesome, I've only ever played that other Devil May Cry game which I really enjoyed but I'll probably play through this storyline now definitely in chronological order. You guys did great as always.

  6. Umm i think there's some minor errors here? Sparda didn't establish the Order of the Sword. Sanctus did. Also Arkham's main plan is to absorb Sparda's power.

    I might be wrong but still i love seeing how much you guys put into DMC. Love you guys

  7. I had to wait til the 8th and purchase this game at 2:30am after I got home for work, kept telling me that the pre-order was unavailable.
    How do you run out of a digital pre-order game.

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