35 Replies to “Devil May Cry 5 vs Devil May Cry 4 | Direct Comparison”

  1. DMC 4 and 5 are bad, they change the format to emo gay ass bad story :/ and worst char desing . 1 2 3 are good for me , dont want any agendas in my games thanks

  2. I love both, but Dante's Weapons in DMC 5 are terrible!! ( except Cavaliere and Balrog ), and in DMC 4 are AMAZING!! Pandora, Gilgamesh and Lucifer >>>>>>>>>>>> King Cerberus, Dr.Faust, Sparda, Dante and Double Kalinna
    But at least Nero in DMC 5 is much better than 4.

  3. Big fan of your work bro. Love your videos. I have enjoyed each and every one of them. Specially the Gaming Retrospectives. Cant imagine the work you put into them. Time well worth it. Thanks again! Greetings from Greece.

  4. this is very well structured and comprehensive comparison! cant wait on my download on steam for this game. looking forward on another video comparison mate!

  5. I am playing dmc 5 and i am surprised to see the graphics. Its looks photo realistic some times. The water puddles are really awesome. Especially in evenings. The dynamic hair of dante and V is something i always wanted. Coz tomb raider did the exact same thing and it looms awesome.

  6. I bought It and had no Idea how good this Is! Music Is climatic, visuals are great, story Is good, camera Is almost flawless…..gonna say: Best Devil May Cry ever o0 and "V" god I Iove playing as V !

  7. Warning. Sony has censored one scene on the game with the day one patch. It only affects western ps4 copies so Japan is ok. Xbox and steam versions are identical to the Japanise version.

  8. I dont like Nero's redesign he looks like a douche in 5, and just from playing the demo i dont much like his robo arms maybe that'll change once i get the game and start using it more. Overall from what i seen of 5 i like the art direction of the older games more.

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