Devil May Cry 5 – V Trying To KiII Dante NEW Gameplay Trailer (2019)

Devil May Cry 5 – V Trying To KiII Dante NEW Gameplay Trailer (2019)

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31 Replies to “Devil May Cry 5 – V Trying To KiII Dante NEW Gameplay Trailer (2019)”

  1. So here’s my theory..V is related to mundus and Vergil. Mundus took a fragment of Vergil’s soul or half of it when he was under mundus control and used it to create V. Maybe that’s why Vergil was so weak too when he took Nero’s arm and it’s also why V is weak and walks with a cane. The lyrics of his theme are “split myself in 2” and “Devil’s in the dark” Vergil is in the dark right now we never see him really. I think near the end V and Vergil will merge into 1 and if they don’t V has to keep fighting to survive. Idk who urizen is though I just don’t like the idea of him being Vergil and I also don’t know where mundus got time to create V since he was defeated in the first game

  2. This new character…lt won´t break the deal for me, but l´ll definitely ignore him as much as possible. If l wanted to play as a caster-focused character, l´d go to an RPG or MMO of sorts. l hope they don´t try to force him too much into the story mode (gameplay, l mean, l don´t mind if he appears in every cutscene and is actually super relevant to any plot Capcom is trying to insert into the game).

  3. I'm sure capcom just pulling the wool over everyone's eyes why would they mess up shock value of their story. We all know v isn't trying to kill dante it's too obvious. They're trolling us showing us the little clip at the end 😂

  4. You know what, I have a new theory, V is probably a student of Vergil but that theory can’t be solid since V says that he was born 2 days ago. But then again, he could be lying.

  5. Somethings of note in previous trailers there is game play of V, Nero and Dante working together, The sword he is holding if Force edge fully awakened or Sparda for the name of it then. During the events of DMC3 Ladies father used it and it turned him into a monster because he was born a human despite gaining power of a devil. V is however using it here even if only for a moment it has no real effect on him so I am curious as to what he is.

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