“Devil May Cry 5” | Timeline Changed?! | DMC2 now takes place before DMC4

Devil May Cry 5 news informs us that Capcom has changed the timeline of DMC. What’s up guys? This is RBG hitting you up with rather interesting news regarding something that was revealed on the official CapcomChannel. And that is the subtle change of Devil May Cry 5’s chronology. Now I’ve been going on and on about the order in which each game takes place and 1 of the main things I’ve elaborated on the most is where part 2 fits within the timeline. For the longest time it’s been said to take place at the tail end of all the entries leading up to DMC5 which means DMC2 takes place after part 4. This has been something that’s been addressed by Capcom themselves through official collectables like the DMC graphics art book entitled 3142 which is a play off of the order of the each entry. And Devil May Cry 4 gave a brief movie providing some of the history about the series in which they show part 2 as Dante’s last adventures. Even Devil May Cry 5’s producer, Matt Walker confirmed that DMC2 took place before the events of part 5. So there was more than enough proof to validate Devil May Cry 2’s place in the timeline. Granted some of the fan’s refusal to believe it was in the place it was in let alone it being canon was reasonable. Because the game is riddled with flaws and Dante’s attitude is the polar opposite of what he’s like in parts 3, 1, & 4. Not to mention the fact that if it did take place after 4 why was there no mention on the whereabouts of Nero and Dante’s expansion of the Devil May Cry brand. But DMC4 sorta explains why he has that serious personality. Stating that that he’s fully embraced Sparda’s legacy and grown more fearless with age. And he’s so powerful compared to his earlier incarnations. So I felt that it was necessary to putting DMC2 at the very end. What I will say is that they do seem to be taking certain story elements like the Majin form and adding it into DMC5. We just need to see a little more to be expanded on. Like the whereabouts of Lucia.


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  1. To be honest I'm kinda okay with this,I could see it making sense with how Dante acted in 2 and the start of 4 plus He wasn't troubled by anything in 4 showing He was stronger then anything around.I'll admit it does slightly bug me that their changing it but maybe thing will make a bit more sense after 5 comes out.

  2. Let’s also remember what Arius said , that everything that belonged to the Devils will Revert to a Form that would be bad , and he even told Lucia that she would end up attacking the humans . I don’t know 🤷‍♂️, that line stayed with me from that game. The best battle from that game, was the Argosax , I think that was his name.

  3. Seems like a good change, can’t wait, 😊 wanna get to 5 , man Dante was depressed on the Anime , and makes sense , maybe the Order had scene Dante in hell , seems like they where retrieving Demonic energy and Dante found a way out, I wondered how they did it, they also had in their possession a broken Yamato . I also wondered wouldn’t Mundus know Dante was In hell? The Order didn’t know they had blood of Sparda , that’s why the Savior worked it need it Electric ⚡️ Energy, instead of Gas Energy, lol lol lol . Also the Order didn’t know how to fix Yamato , and here comes Nero the mechanic 🧰 and fixes it . 👍🏼 stylish SSS.

  4. Its always been 3142 for this reason to me. In 3, Dante is his normal self, a cocky, brash, courageous go getter, a direct opposite to his cold, calculating and ruthless brother Vergil, Dante acts this cause Vergil and him had this rivalry and worked off each other. When Vergil dies, Dante falls into a depression in 1 and the anime, EVEN IN 4 you can see this SAME depressed Dante as he mercilessly kills the Holy Knights and the Savior. It's only when he sees, and perhaps feels, a glimpse of his brother again in Nero that he starts going back to his old self. Once he passes Yamato onto Nero, he goes back in that depressive state, more serious like his brother. Now that 5 is up, we again, see signs of Vergil, so he goes back to his old self. To me his DMC3 attitude has always been because of Vergil, without him, his just descends to state of numbness, with only some embers of his former self which we see here and there in 1 and 2, hence "Flock off feather face" and such.

  5. I have a feelin that prequel comic called nightmare is what will explain dante escaping hell.

    Otherwise why exactly do you guys need an explanantion hes fucking dante the nigga can literally do ZA WARUDO with quicksilver style.

  6. Dante said in Devil May Cry 1, his whole purpose of devil hunting was killing demons til he hit the jackpot (taking out Mundus or the one responsible for killing his Mother and brother). He beat Mundus,finally hitting the jackpot, but in the process, was unable to save his brother when he was given YET ANOTHER CHANCE(Nelo Angelo/Devil May Cry 1) at saving him outside of Devil May Cry 3's ending. Which probably lead to Dante making bad business/financial choices which brought him into debt in the anime. Also, even though its not really considered/counted, the Devil May Cry 2 Manga had Dante killing a, once again, evil version of Trish. It was a strange alternate reality where Mundus ruled the world and Trish was reconverted back to evil. So not only did Dante lose Vergil twice but he pretty much "lost" his mother twice in a strange way. Again he wasn't able to save her (the idea of the mother).

    With no family left and basically no purpose now, it took a literal trip through Hell(Devil May Cry 2 ending) to help not only clear his head but find his "motivation" or rekindle his purpose in life.

  7. …I'm not even going to bother saying anything on this fucked up series. Lets just say "Devil Never Cry" should've been the 2nd better game. Capcom really fucked this series up…never forget that "Chaos legion" was capcom apology for DMC2. FACT

  8. The only thing I don't like is the reboot; but I won't hate on it simply because others like it to me, it's not the classic I grew up on and it's not Cannon IMO Cannon has to be in the same area i.e Devil may cry 3, Devil May cry 1, Devil May Cry 2, then Devil may cry 4. However "DMC" with Dante and Vergil as Half demon/ angel is just wrong. As long as they don't say "oh the classics aren't cannon" I am fine with any change. Just leave my classics be XD Now I have played the reboot and it was okay; not my style though personally. So with all that said now the order is (for the classics) DMC 3 (prequel) DMC 1 (Mundus hunting), DMC 2 (Side adventure), DMC 4 (Vergil's son) I'm fine with that it makes more sense then having 2 after 4. I will say I don't consider DMC 5 cannon but that's just me lmao

  9. Nah this doesnt make sense for a number of reasons first if all Dante was always depressed its consistent after DMC3 he drowned himself with alcohol note that he never drinks when he is in front of trish and Lady hell not even morrison the whole point is he is Leon kenedy in Vendetta which is why it makes sense for 2 to be after 4 but a direct sequel to 4 the whole other reason for this is his age in the cover of 2 we can see he is much older the facial features are much more defined and wrinkly compared to 4 his facial hair has nothing to do with that as he would shave no problems. As for why there is no mention of Nero that’s simple getting caught up with his Nephew would lead to some terrible flashbacks of his brother driving him more to be depressed and we at least get a hint that the bike outside the end of dmc2 might actually be Lady and Trish. Plus the design of rebellion and Dante’s clothes makes more sense as to why DMC5 Dante looks much closer to DMC2 than he does DMC4

  10. They knew DMC 2 was terrible just like the majority of us. The timeline change was most likely done so they can avoid the game’s existence again. It’s irrelevant to the rest of the games in the series with a Dante that the developers had no clue of his personality or character, an awful plot, unmemorable enemies and environments, and poor gameplay.

  11. Imposible, cuz Nero have Devil Bringer in 4, in 5 he gets his arm rip off.

    In 4, Dante & Nero disnt know each other, in 5 they do.

    Only retards will think that 5 is before 4


    My bad, I think people were talking about 5 before 4, ok, on topic, DMC2 shows a mature & powerfull Dante, so its also Imposible to be before 4, whats Capcom thinking?

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