Devil May Cry 5 – New Cutscenes Footage #2

Another cut footage from Eurogamer, check em out, support them for doing a good video about “6 Things We Learned Playing as All 3 Characters in Devil May Cry 5 – Devil May Cry 5 Dante Gameplay”


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  1. Disclaimer – Some cutscenes don't have in game sound because it's covered by the commentator in the original video so bear w/ me adding some OST in the cutscenes.

  2. Ok so now we know for sure that V is up to something and he's at least known by goliath so that puts him in a possible enemy position almost absolutely

  3. vs tattoos change the urizans face on his chest is pale when he talks to neeo but when he talks to dante you can see complete urizens face

  4. Urizen is Sparda because Sparda in the intro of DMC 1 you see he has the same 3 eyes as Mundas just like Urizen.Dante had a feeling.Dante and Vergil have never met they dad not even once or even know his true motives he basiclly abandon them when they mom was pregant.So we Just herd about him in legends.He was thought to have died.So thats what the resurrection is for Sparda.When Dante said "So I finally get to see it with my own eyes…If it really is you" we have to cross out Mundas who.he met befor.Vergil is not Urizen after we know Vergil can care less about a thrown to sit on Vergil just yerns for more power.Vergil cut his son Nero arm off to take back Yamato that rightful heirloom.V just said to Nero Urizen took the Yamato to lure Nero away from Vergil to not to follow his dad so his dad can prepare for the ultimate showdown with Sparda.Well in DMC 1 Dante killed Mundas with Spardas Sword is very powerful.So V gave Dante Spardas Sword.Thats why Rebellion didnt phase him and got destroyed.Now the Yamato was made by Sparda too.So Sparda may be weak to the Yamato and Sparda Sword will play a huge part in beating Sparda. Thats why Vergil is desperate to get his weapon back because he knows its his dad every second counts. V is guideing them in the right direction so dont sleep on V he knows more then you would imagine.Hes not to harm the heros but I could be wrong its just theory from playing all games.

  5. Rebellion broke… O.o
    What the fuck. No.
    How am i supposed to play Dante.
    Its like playing Vergil without Yamato.
    Those swords are basically their souls!!!!!

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