Devil May Cry 5 Is The Holy Grail Of Trash

Devil May Cry 5 is the perfect trash. I mean this as the highest compliment. I love trash. I consider Andy Capp’s Hot Fries Cuisine. If it were up to me, Little Caesar’s pizza would have a Michelin Star. In this video I present a brief anecdotal history of my own experience as a developer of beautiful trashy action games in Japan. I also talk about a guy in my neighborhood who had a great car. Tune in for metaphorical hamburgers and literal citrus. Look, this game makes me feel things, and some of those things are pretty weird things. My favorite game so far in 2019.

You can read our official review for Devil May Cry 5 here:


30 Replies to “Devil May Cry 5 Is The Holy Grail Of Trash”

  1. After your Dragon Quest XI review, I picked up Brave Story. After this, I will track down No More Heroes 1 and 2 (God Hand is too expensive on ebay and I don't own a PS3 for Lolipop Chainsaw and Shadows of the Darned)

  2. I came here expecting a well thought out argument dunking on a game I love. I didnt get what I wanted but fucking hell i am not dissapointed. You sir, Have gained a subscriber for kotaku. well played

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