44 Replies to “Devil May Cry 5: How V Brings A New Style Of Gameplay To The Series”

  1. He looks like my ol bud, Caleb from Pre-Calc. Always smelled like sharpie/ink and i swear he was one bad day from shooting up a school.
    SUP CALEB!!!! lol

  2. I love the idea of V's fighting style . I've been a huge fan of the series since the first game and I'm really intrigued by how his fighting style meshes with dmc system and mechanics.
    I like idea of a high risk/reward glass cannon. I have complete faith that Capcom will pull this off perfectly.

  3. Wouldn't it be funny if CAPCOM came out and said,
    ‘No no, it's not “Devil May Cry 5”, we don't know where this pronunciation came from;
    it's “Devil May Cry V”, we even wrote it on the box. He will be replacing Dante as the the series protagonist.’

  4. I’m not playing any demos because i want to go in fresh on March 8th, but I’m not sold on V yet he looks annoying. It took me ages to warm up to Nero in DMC4 after they made Dante miss half the game.

  5. Seems like the guy in the grey never played a devil may cry game before and only go based off what he seen. “Felt like playing guitar hero.” I know he’s describing V, but the way he’s kind of complaining saying it’s totally different for this game is a bit off. People who are fans and use to playing hack and slash games like dmc knows that combos chain together. Meaning you have to do more than press one button to actually play. And this isn’t the first character from dmc that has ranged gameplay mechanics. Lady in special edition from dmc4, she only used guns and only had a one chain combo using her rocket as a sword. Everything else of hers was a chain of guns using the same buttons they are describing

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