24 Replies to “Devil May Cry 5 Demo: Goliath Boss Fight”

  1. Goliath? So is he THAT Goliath? If not, he's just using a badass name of a game who got killed by a pebble being shot into his brain.

  2. It looks so cool, but very easy. Boss intros used to be nerve wracking because you didn't know what a boss could do you just knew it could destroy you fast. This boss could barely scratch Nero. Even that super AOE NUKE it did was a tickle.

  3. well, i see someone couldn't wait for the full game. and i don't blame you. the hype is real. and seeing how there's an apparently new version of Devil Trigger yesterday, there's a lot Itsuno is holding back from what we've seen out of the Demos, conventions, and leaks.

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