Devil May Cry 5 – Dante Gameplay w/ Subhuman Redub (Michael Barr) #1

It sounds good to me! Better than the original subhuman, great job Michael barr.

Also, I do not own this video so big thanks to the owner of the video (and special thanks to smash805 for letting me know about this) –


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  1. Man, I can’t wait to get my hands on that Deluxe Edition! I always liked Subhuman, now it sounds even more awesome. If you really listen to the lyrics it references Dante’s role in the story, I really love that!

    “You cannot kill me, I am Subhuman!” (It’s quite obvious, Dante is half human and can’t be killed…he’s too badass!)

    “The hour is trapped in window pain, as it all locks me in chain! (Referencing the inevitable Time skip in the game after Dante falls, he’s trapped!)

    “Something save me!” (Nero and V are his only hope!)

    “I must not forget that I have bled!” (Dante has to remember that he lost to Urizen before, he can no longer afford to underestimate him!)


    My soul is yearning more to hear the suffer of a demon as they put it under. I need this game… 😉

  2. Now, this is a much better version of subhuman. Now I like the song. But I still think it doesn't fit Dante completely. Dante's music should be way faster, like devils never cry, Dante's office, or the time has come. Subhuman sounds heavy, powerful, ruthless, unstoppable. I thin it would be perfect as a boss theme, kind of like the Cerberus theme in DMC3

  3. The gameplay is like a Watching a Movie.. What a Master Piece! GOOD JOB CAPCOM, DMC Staff, producers, artist, designers, sound technicians and DMC fans and supporters.
    I am so excited to watch and play this game.

  4. for me i just cant get used to subhuman, michael barr's version definitely is better than the original ill give it that and in gameplay it is also pretty good but subhuman just isnt for me though who knows maybe after playing the game it might change my mind if not theres always the classic themes

  5. the instrumental was already perfect, there was no need to add anything on it.
    i liked the old vocals btw, i think the haters just didn't like the singer for that pedo stuff, i like this new vocals too.

  6. Okay, this is officially one of the BEST battle themes we've had in DMC. They didn't only change the singer, but they added more of the god damn guitar into it and it sounds badass as hell! Damn, I want this babe on my phone…

  7. I really don't give a shit what anyone says. I loved the original. Was badass and was fitting. I love deathcore so seeing it in a DMC game was awesome, in fact I find this version worse and for the people complaining that the singing in the original was bad but can't see it in this one just astonishes me.

    Amazing gameplay btw. I'm ecstatic for the game nonetheless.

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