Devil May Cry 3 – Previz

For the rehearsals for Devil May Cry 3, the Just Cause team shot this Previz or Video StoryBoard to give the actors a chance to rehearse and the Producers to see how the scene will play out. Different versions were shot and later the Producers and Director chose which parts they liked.

Dante: Reuben Langdon
Vergil: Dan Southworth
Lady: Stephanie Cheeva
Arkham/Jester: Adam Clark

Shot and edited by Ken Ohara


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  1. Yeah, I heard this was edited shorter cause the directors thought that there was no way lady would hold out that long against both Dante and Vergil.
    And thank you for the upload, looking forward to you in DMC5!

    P.S.: I love your voicework in Sengoku Basara!

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