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  1. Now that Capcom has pulled the retcon trigger, that'd likely put Dante in his early to mid 40s in DMC5. Spitballin' around 43 by then. No, I don't have evidence. If I wanted to explain my reasoning, I'd rip off GT. But I won't because I'm a lazy fuck.

  2. Dmc5 is now released and I believe we got another hint on timeline. Patty the kid in the anime was on the phone inviting Dante to her 18th birthday… Would appreciate an update on this lol

  3. I know this video is reaching a year old but,
    A cutscene for dmc5 (which might have been in the demo? Idk where people saw it since the game isn’t out until tomorrow) reveals patty to be 18. Considering she was 8 in the anime we know 10 years have passed inbetween the anime to 5

  4. Well DMC2's place was moved to between 1 and 4. There was a prequel novel to DMC5. It shows Nero meeting Nico for the first time, and Dante meets up with Lucia. It's said the events of DMC4 happened 5 years. Making Dante 43 and Nero 24 in the novel. Dante mentions the events of DMC2 were about 10 years ago, making DMC2 Dante around 33. The novel ends with the scene of Nero losing his arm, and says Nico had been living with Nero and Kyrie for a year now. Meaning in DMC5, Dante is 44 and Nero is 25
    EDIT: Should mention, I see that you've learned of the timeline change. I just mentioned DMC2 being switched around for the benefit of anyone reading and hadn't heard about it yet.

  5. always fun to see how game makers can creat one game soooo bad and make the following game a masterpiece XD but sadly (or maybe thank god) you rarely see such a U-Turn

  6. Now… I wonder how you going to sort it out, since they did retconned the series? DMC2 before DMC4, Goldstein IS canon, and so on. Plus new novel, prior DMC5 – where they did "Convinient plot" for it how Dante returned from Hell

  7. I think at this point Dante's age is just whatever people want it to be. Can't really take what kamiya said as canon for the rest of the games since he only worked on DMC 1. I think we don't have enough information to determine an official age for dante. Just a general age. I always assumed he was somewear in his mid to late 30's in DMC 4 and in DMC 5 he'll be somewear in his 40's

  8. 2…2 is just..bad. The game is not good, Dante himself is a grouch and everything about that game feels like a downgrade from DMC1. I want to just forget about 2 already.

  9. I really can't see how 2 takes place before 4 now but whatever. So, it's 3-1-A-2-4-5 now? Maybe they will remake 3, 1 and 2. I would like that. Make DMC3 first and just call it Devil May Cry, see how it is received. If it goes well, make DMC2 which would be the story of DMC1 and then Remake DMC2 as DMC3. 4 and 5 are already in order now and don't need a remake since they are recent. In the new 1,2 and 3 remakes add a few things like more lines, more story details, flashbacks of the novels, the anime storyline, etc making everything cannon and in order. We would get the full story and all cleared up from playing 1-5.

    Anyway, nice video beforoe the 2 timeline retcon.

  10. I'm gonna comment it here, but i wanna know something. What about this video now, that Capcom changed DMC timeline, putting 2 before 4?

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