Daily Live – Saturday 26 May | Volvo Ocean Race

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14 Replies to “Daily Live – Saturday 26 May | Volvo Ocean Race”

  1. The presentation on the geothermality of the race was just a tad sketchy but who cares? It was fun and this was a far more "in touch" presentation than some from the other guy. Great. Thanks.

  2. Conrad is Super but his demo could have stressed that the LO pressure CCW flow contributes also to the northerly flow of the wind, see 6:45. At 7:35 Conrad does mention 'quickly' the LO as a contributor. And it doesn't JUST depend on the pressure gradient as shown by the ping pong ball but the wind direction; in fact, at the peak of the pressure ridge there is generally no wind. However, in Conrad's defense, he adds that it is more complicated. As the VOR is a highly technical sport, we the audience gain from Conrad's lovely demos prepared with good spirit. Hey, VOR management, do you not understand that Conrad MUST be your next one and only commentator! Cheers, Conrad!!!!

  3. Bravo Conrad , mate you are a natural in front of the camera and your demos are always great in helping your audiences understand what it is all about .
    These shows are so much better when the numb skull has gone away for the weekend.
    Wishing you all the best in your future project .

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