Corbyn scathes May's Brexit deal day before Parliament vote

THERESA May faces calls from leading Conservatives to quit tomorrow after failing to win any Brexit breakthrough in talks with the EU.

Nicky Morgan yesterday became the most senior Tory yet to say the PM must go if she loses the crunch Commons vote. MPs are expected to give her deal a drubbing tomorrow night.

She remains on standby to jet to Brussels at the 11th hour if her team of officials manage to agree any changes to the Withdrawal Agreement.

But despite British and EU officials working through the weekend sources in Brussels said the chances of any last minute progress were “pretty unlikely,” adding: “Nobody is really expecting anything to come of it.”

In a sign of the panic setting in No10, Mrs May has announced a special meeting of her Cabinet on Wednesday morning to discuss the fallout from tomorrow night’s vote…

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Theresa May’s Brexit leadership has left the UK grovelling as it faces the abyss:

Remainer MPs set to kill off No Deal Brexit this week as Theresa May confirms doomed crunch vote on deal will go ahead:

Brexit news latest – Theresa May rings round every single EU leader to beg for help as she has just nine days to save her deal:

Will Theresa May resign and will she be able to get her Brexit deal through Parliament?

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49 Replies to “Corbyn scathes May's Brexit deal day before Parliament vote”

  1. May's deal is not what I voted brexit for,but my god what if this maniac and that front bench got in, the uk will be gravely in danger with labour ,but I believe he has no chance

  2. Brexit won't save Britain the English destroyed what Germany couldn't mass immigration crime up no housing, schools hospitals, Islam controls your country, Javid will soon be PM you have Muslim mayors all over the UK who got in by vote rigging, Britain killings rapes robbery & no English spoken on most streets in Londonistain
    May supports Sharia law your country is finished

  3. This is a FUBAR government. Solution 101.
    "Let’s have a proportional representation general election”.
    The issue is not the EU, it’s the outdated first past the post
    out dated anti democratic system. Also, a real accounting of
    members financial interests. Simples.

  4. all along the truth was a clean break from this corrupt European union. a w.t.0. is brexit nothing else is. the people can't forget these corrupt politicians at the general election that is coming down the tracks. please don't make the same mistake again and vote for liers do not trust them again. there is an alternative party and is the brexit party led by nigal fararge.

  5. may tried to talk with Corbyn and refused many times.
    and this notion of removing no deal is not logical and not going to happen.
    as if no deal is agreed on then the outcome is remaining.
    no Corbyn a no deal result has to be on the table regardless if you like it or not

  6. Corbyn.. You're good at criticising others but you never come up with any constructive advise! Typical MP screaming at others for political popularity within their party.

  7. The UK is done because no one is willing to get down and do the hard yards. Grow a spine and at least don yellow vests.
    History will note Tommy Robinson as a courageous hero who tried to stem the tide of muslim evil, but most of you brits will go down in history as apathetic cowards. Muslim caliphate from such a great nation…sad…

  8. Corbyn is not wrong on that point. It's very suspiciously similar to Treason May previous dirty trick of trying to force parliament to vote on it blind by withholding the legal analysis. There doesn't appear to be any guarantee it is a temporary backstop. They are calling it an insurance policy that won't be implemented unless other arrangements can't be agreed, so there is no guarantee at all. It absolutely stinks of foul play. Treason May has given parliament and the electorate every reason not to trust her, by forcing parliament to vote on it blind again, they have no time to even read the changes, let alone scrutinise it for more of Treason May's foul play. Parliament is duty bound to reject it. As for extending Article 50, repealing the EU's legal point of leaving with no terms if none can be agreed, that is also enshrined into UK law, will absolutely not be tolerated. No more of this treason, leave with no terms on the legally binding dead line date.

  9. i don't trust alot of these mps that we have these day's…all they want is to keep the money in there pockets they don't give a s**t about the people just them selfs

  10. I see a lot of criticism by Jeremy Corbyn, but I don't see him stepping up to power. It reminds me of Nigel Farage… you know, that idiot who called for Brexit and a new Britain… then ran away to Germany, with his mission of division completed.

  11. Should read " Corbyn scathes everything anyone says about anything" He accuses May of doing nothing whilst doing…….nothing. And I thought Kinnock was a wanker, he's got nothing on Corbyn. Still he does have one thing in common with Kinnock, he'll make sure Labour never wins an election.

  12. I'm a UK citizen Get Me Out Of Here
    Corbyn is like a wet weekend,. Labour are a lost cause as are the conservatives. We are the voters so bloody listen to us. This is why the country is forever moaning. Tighten borders, only let in needed immigrants with skills, and make Islam illegal. Oh and if bloody immigrants moan or cause trouble tell them to f off back to where they came from.

  13. may just wants to please her EU masters, while Corbyn is already on his back asking for belly rubs,
    "Bad deal," "second referendum", may and corbyn are both an embarrassment to the democratic system.

  14. It's time we get shut of these bell ends, we don't need these knob heads to go off against each other. We voted one person to be in charge and voted to leave, why do those who lost still run us?

  15. corbyn is the real bad person here, when we strike no deal, and the country will crumble and he wants to he the hero that rebuilds it, but dont forget, he is the one that is trying to bring the country down, not MAY

  16. What a shambles, the whole lot are making this country look so weak, pathetic and clueless. Great Britain more like a Great Mess. Children in a playground could do better. Worst how much has this mess cost this country financially. Tories, Labour, Liberal….throw the lot out.

  17. Corbyn is a disgrace to the Labour movement and the Labour party.
    He spent years on the back benches and during that time he spoke against his government 253 times. Corbyn: Loves Hamas and the IRA but despises people who practice Judaism and people
    who remember the fallen of two World Wars at the Cenotaph.
    Even his deputy Tom Watson is plotting against him because Corbyn has no chance of ever being Prime Minister.

  18. Rule out no deal? I don't think the clowns bleating this know what is going on. If May's deal is voted down then we will leave without one, unless the EU decides to give us yet more time to work one out. It will need all 27 of the remaining EU members to agree to allow this. If just one of them says no, then we are out on March 29th with no deal. The EU believe it or not are actually getting sick of this too, they want to move onto other things. I hope they block an article 50 extention. No deal suits me just fine.

  19. Can we just all agree Corbyn is the best thing that's ever happened to Labour and to the UK and get him into Downing Street, please. We've wasted enough time on May the pedophile protector

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