20 Replies to “Close up of Oklahoma's May 20, 2013 F5 Tornado”

  1. My daughter lived thru this monster. We could text her but no calls. All tornado shelters in Moore are microchipped so survivors can be located. So hard to be watching this & totally helpless. My daughter's house was only house standing. She was spared!

  2. Rember that day like yesterday it was six years ago my girlfriend n I was n the apt she was n the shower n isaid tornado down the road hurry get out n she was like do I have enough time to finish n I say no get out n we tied ourselves together n got n the closet n at that moment it split into n one part went down I40 n meridian n the other half went down 149st east n we was by the grace of GOD was not harmed but yes that was one badass tornado …

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