California May OVERTURN Election Results from Midterms

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47 Replies to “California May OVERTURN Election Results from Midterms”

  1. Making it easy to vote does not make people willing to vote. Politician's are desperate. America has extremely low Voter turnouts because we have extremely Low Quality Politics and Politicians. People do not like Politics in America

  2. Judicial Watch has sued California and won in court after uncovering 1.5million votes that were fraudulent. The dmv method is contrary to federal voting law and they have two years to fix it. Check out the Judicial Watch YouTube channel. They’re the real deal and truly nonpartisan.

  3. I have all the confidence in the world that that would work. " 0 ". No confidence in the world. But somebody had an idea. Reinstate the draft. Mandatory if you're in school.

  4. Judicial Watch has gone to California and got 97,000 people taken off the voting rosters either they are dead or don't live in Cali. Democrats will never do investigations that don't favor them. illegals voted in all the elections its fraud.

  5. "More than 1500" Ya think? Try a couple million illegals voting in CA elections! I'm counting down the days I can move the H out of CA and vote red in a state that it matters.

  6. A lot of the elections were overturned due to an overnight sensation. They went from predominantly red to marginally blue in the blink of an eye. This happened Nationwide and should be thoroughly investigated to make sure that the Liberals are not colluding with the Russians in an tempted overthrow of the American electoral system.

  7. Hey Vincent – Your rapid fire repetitive comments are MOST ANNOYING … It sounds like you are JUST ONE LONG ADLIB !!! Get your act together … It's Called PREPARATION !!!

  8. Vince, I think the whole motor voter law initiated by Clinton I think was an obvious tactic to quell repub voters by changing their party’s or unenrolling them without their knowledge..voter fraud rampant!.. calif now allows the illegals to vote with their do u think hitlery won pop vote by 3 million? Betcha 2 million were illegals!

  9. I don't think it's any coincidence that CA has swung from largely Republican to largely Democrat with the influx of illegals since the 70's. I think the Democrats saw Reagan win by a landslide and figured they better flip CA by hook or by crook or else lose every presidential election from here to kingdom come (Reps had TX amd CA and probably FL) as well as never control the House again (45 seats from CA). You can't tell me they haven't been encouraging every single illegal who needed a driver's license "for insurance purposes"–funny how they're so concerned about them following insurance but not immigration law—to vote or else be deported by the big bad Republicans.

  10. Dems never play fair. If they're losing, they cheat. Republicans may have perfected gerrymandering, but it's within the law not to mention Dems have done plenty of it too.

  11. PLUG THAT ELECTION LOOP HOLE… Federal Legislation should ENFORCE VOTER IDENTIFICATION… period! Use birth certification, and 2 valid IDs!

    This may happen in the Philippines (again), come the 2019 elections w/ underage voting (in Mindanao) and "PRoChinese immigrant" ILLEGAL VOTING… DO NOT ALLOW THE REPEAT OF THE 2016 election padding and Chinese meddling of Philippine elections!

  12. Trump only won Florida by about 30,000 votes. Michigan and Wisconsin were about 10,000 maybe 20,000. Doesn't take much illegal voting for them to flip these critical states blue.

  13. AZ Sec of State actually changed the rules in June of last year to allow illegals to register and vote in not just local and state but national electons. Disgraceful.

  14. Go to JUDICIAL WATCH on YouTube—a non-profit political watchdog organization. This is old news–they found over 1500 suspicious voter registrations in Orange County. They will eventually get around to other suspicious places as time and $$$ permits.

  15. David Valideio lost in a Republican County no way David Trump Devin Nunez and Kevin SAID they were bringing WATER back to California thats jobs money for my district dem voted UNTIL dec 4 David lost his seat in dec 4 NOT on election night Nov 6

  16. Do not forget that the CA-D-Schiff-Soros connection & the Soros owned software of the voting machines. HUSSEIN'S 30,000 OFA army pf subversives is at work at the grassroots in the precinct voting locations. How many votes did they destroy in the mid-terms?

  17. About time. Our civil servants exist to stay in power & suck as much money as they can with no oversight. FL Brenda Snipes is the Democrat leftists M.O./ the Alinsky playbook & using as many ploys as they can. Terminate the Driver License as voter ID. Fraudulent licenses=a big business;

  18. Now what are they accusing President Trump of doing? Having Thousands of Russians cast ballots? I can’t remember. It’s just gotta be worse than Liberal interference in our 50 states right?

  19. they rig them… they cheated… they lied… they peddled the votes… they illegally won the elections… they stole the constitutional right of the American voters, they are crooks an should be treated as such… maqa…

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