BREXIT:Theresa May is 'devoid of any HUMAN skill' behind closed doors – MEP Lamberts attacks PM May

MEP Philippe Lamberts accuses UK Prime Minister Theresa May of lacking “the basic human skills to be a political leader” after the Prime Minister failed to secure support from other European leaders during a crunch European Union Summit last week.

The Belgian MEP launched a scathing attack on Theresa May, accusing her of lacking the ability to forge a “bond of trust” not only within her Cabinet but also with European partners while the British Government negotiated to secure a Brexit deal.

The Prime Minister last week snatched a two-week delay to Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union after she failed to rally MPs behind her proposed divorce deal.

Addressing the international media today at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, Mr Lamberts admitted it was “scary” and said: “If there’s one lesson we have learned from Theresa May’s attitude is her inability to factor in what others think, her inability to form bonds of trust within her Cabinet.